About Us

About Us

Simplifying Your Online Shopping Experience

Comparisons.us was built with the core objective of making it easier for online shoppers to compare competitive products and services based on factual content, not opinion, and without bias towards any particular brand. We aim to present side-by-side comparisons in an "easy to digest manner" that saves consumers the time and hassle of having to gather information from multiple websites.

Side-By-Side Comparisons of Competitive Products & Services

Our hope is that Comparisons.us will allow consumers to judge a product or service based on the many factors presented on our site and ultimately empower them to make informed purchase decisions.

We Are Not A Review Site

We do not strive to be a review site, nor do we rank the products and services that are presented on our site. We know that you, as a knowledgeable consumer will want to do your own research prior to making a purchase.

This usually includes visiting the websites of individual brands that you’re interested in to discover the associated features and benefits. From there, you’ll likely want to find out what others, who have purchased that product or service before, are saying about their experience.

That’s where we come in! Instead of you having to visit multiple websites, our Team spends hours compiling product details and common feedback from people who have already purchased the product or service that you are considering.

How We Make Money

Like any business, Comparisons.US must make money in order to continue providing its service. To do so, we try to develop businesses relationships with online retailers, affiliate programs and brands directly, that are wiling to compensate us a commission for any sales that come in as a result of our services.

Since we are not reviewing products and services ourselves, instead gathering commonly mentioned Pro’s and Con’s from dozens of websites and online retailers, the content that we provide is never influenced at all by the individual brands that we display on our site. We may however alter the placement of certain products and services on our site based on how well they convert to a sale.

Sometimes, as an added benefit to our site visitors, our partners may offer a special promotion exclusive to Comparisons.US. In such cases, we will disclose the offer clearly to our audience.