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Fishing Rods

  • Constructed from high quality material
  • High quality guide which will tell you everything you need to know
  • Non slip cork handle and item is handcrafted in Tica's state of the art facility
  • Product is expensive
  • Only 1 year warranty
Key Features
  • Constructed of high modulus TC3 graphite material
  • High quality FUJI ALCONITE tip top guide, FUJI HARDLOY ring guides, FUJI DPS reel seat
  • Specially designed Tica sliding foldable hook keeper
  • Non-slip cork handle; custom diamond wraps handmade in Tica's state of the art facility
  • Perfect match with Tica's Talisman/Samira/Scepter/Abyss reel series
  • Made from stainless steel roller which is amazing for the durability for this product
  • Embedded roller design prevents line from wedging between the roller and the frame
  • Handle has amazing comfort and grip
  • No warranty
  • Product is relatively expensive
Key Features
  • 5 Stainless steel rollers are accompanied by a stainless steel swing tip,the swing tip allows movement up and down and side to side for maximum performance and minimal stress on your line.The aluminum side plates offer increased guide strength and superb design.
  • 2-Piece 6' bent butt fishing rod solid tubular E-glass graphite composite blanks.Perfect for marlin,yellowfin tuna and record wahoo,or as a boat rod,conventional rod,trolling rod,big name rod,offshore rod,or saltwater fishing rod.
  • Embedded roller design prevents line from wedging between roller and frame,the guide frame has great height,lower gravity for better rod performance,buit-in Teflon bearing will reduce this friction and give you a smooth fishing experience while you catch a large game fish.
  • Aluminum bent butt handle,the bottom of the handle does include a cross cut butt for easy mounting;Non slip rubber shrink tube handle for added comfort and solid grip;Aluminum alloy wheel seat with tapered hood transitions above and below reel seat protecting cap.
  • One Year warranty against any defects!Money back for non-artificial damage and 100% satisfaction service!Bent Butt Rod it's the best gift for Boyfriend,Fiance,Husband,Son,Father's Day,Valentine's Day,Halloween,Christmas and Birthday.
  • Color: 6' 80-120 lbs Bent Butt(Sea Guide)
  • Made from a dynamic core of T glass material
  • Comes with pro lines that achieve outstanding strength to weight ratios
  • Built to withstand the environment and rough weather
  • Slow shipping
  • Handle has been known to break or rip
Key Features
  • TC4: A dynamic core of T Glass material overwrapped with a spiral pattern of high modulus graphite. TC4 blanks are designed specifically to fish Power Pro lines and achieve outstanding strength to weight ratios.
  • Fuji O Guides + Fuji Reel Seat
  • EVA Handle
  • Lure Rating: 2-6
  • North East Designed Actions
  • Advanced graphite construction which ensures high performance and value
  • Integrated poly curve tooling tech which eliminates all transitional points
  • 5 year warranty
  • Line has been known to break easily
  • Long shipping
Key Features
  • ADVANCED SCIII GRAPHITE CONSTRUCTION: For a serious angler who demands high-performance and value; High-modulus, high-strain graphite fiber; Produces sensitive and lightweight rods with great durability
  • INTEGRATED POLY CURVE (IPC) TOOLING TECHNOLOGY: Eliminates all transitional points in the Mojo bass spinning fishing rod blank to provide smoother actions, increased strength, and greater sensitivity
  • FEATURES: Slim-profile ferrules; Kigan Master Hand 3D guides w/ slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings and black frames; Fuji DPS reel seat w/ black hoods; Split-grip/premium-grade cork handle; Kigan hook-keeper; Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Technique – Power Shake; Length – 7’3”; Power – MH; Action – Fast; Pieces – 1; Line Weight – 8-14 lbs; Lure Weight – 3/8-3/4 oz; Rod Wt. – 4.6 oz; Handle – 8
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: Backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  • High impact and cut resistant
  • Cut proof EVA butt eliminates cracking and breakage
  • Made from the highest quality multi modulus pre press
  • Extremely light weight and durable
  • Lack of warranty
Key Features
  • High impact, cut resistant comfort grip Eva
  • Cut proof EVA butt eliminates cracking and Breakage
  • Sensi-touch blanks - made from the highest quality multi-modulus pre-pregs - for an extremely lightweight and durable
  • Perfect for inshore saltwater fish as well as bass, pike and walleye
  • Made from graphite which improves durability
  • Full stainless steel rod
  • No warranty
  • Packages have been known to be damaged
Key Features
  • Perfect for inshore saltwater fish as well as bass, pike and walleye
  • IM7 Graphite, Fuji guides, Hook keeper, No-slip cork wrap handle
  • Fuji reel seat with stainless steel cushioned hoods.
  • Grab a Calico Jack for your next trip to the beach!
  • Full metal body and side plates
  • Machined and anodized aluminum spool
  • Stainless steel bearing system
  • Product is pretty heavy
  • Lack of warranty
Key Features
  • Designed for versatile fishing from coast to coast
  • Virtually indestructible blank construction with added graphite
  • Lightweight EVA grips provide comfort
  • Conventional reel seats with stainless steel cushioned hoods
  • Lack of warranty
  • Product may be heavy for some people
Key Features
  • Plug and jetty fishing rod designed for versatile fishing from coast to coast
  • Virtually indestructible blank construction with added graphite for increased sensitivity
  • Lightweight EVA grips provide comfort during lengthy fishing outings
  • 1-piece stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides eliminate insert pop-outs
  • Conventional reel seats with stainless steel cushioned hoods
  • Exceptional spinning and bait casting reels
  • Fishing reels are lightweight and carbon infused
  • Designed to deliver incredible performance for any budget
  • Product has no warranty
  • Product might come for the wrong hand
Key Features
  • Exceptional Spinning & Baitcasting Reels – Fish like a gladiator! KastKing Crixus fishing reels feature lightweight, carbon infused frames, CNC aluminum spools, 5+1 double shielded stainless ball bearings, powerful carbon drags and many more performance features. These are simply the best value in fishing.
  • KastFlex IM6 Graphite Blanks - KastKing Crixus spinning and casting rods are designed to deliver incredible performance for any budget. Crixus powerful and sensitive IM6 Graphite 2-pc fishing rod blanks range in power ratings from light to medium heavy in 5’6” to 6’6” lengths.
  • Golf Style Superpolymer Handle – Superpolymer handles are comfortable, durable and exceptionally slip resistant giving you maximum grip and control over your fishing rod in the wettest conditions.
  • Stainless Steel Guides w/Zirconium Oxide Rings - Today’s serious anglers know that quality components make the fishing rod. KastKing uses only high-quality stainless-steel guide frames with Zirconium Oxide rings that deliver long, smooth casts and durable performance with fluorocarbon, monofilament or braided fishing lines
  • Power Transition System (PTS) – All Crixus spinning and casting fishing poles are two-piece construction for easy transport and storage. The unique PTS technology will make the Crixus just feel like one-piece performance rods.
  • Winn advanced polymer handle grips which are amazing
  • 5 stainless steel HPCR bearings
  • Compact bent handle and star with a graphite base
  • Limited warranty
  • Slow shipping
Key Features
  • Winn advanced polymer Dri-Tac grips
  • 5 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • Machined aluminum spool
  • Power Disk drag s ystem
  • Duragear brass gear. MagTrax brake system. Compact bent handle and star. One piece graphite frame. Graphite sideplates. Rocket Clutch

Fishing Rods Overview

Fishing is becoming more popular recently after its decline in the late '90s and you probably are trying to get back into fishing competitively or for fun. Whether your fishing for fun or professionally, it has always been important to have a good fishing rod so your line doesn't snap and you catch that fish after that long day. It has to be one of the most annoying things in the world when you spend the whole day on the water and your line finally gets a nibble but then your rod falls on you. This can be easily avoided if you have a good rod. A good fishing rod will ensure more successful catches and will decrease the amount of fish you will lose. Also, a good fishing rod means that you can go after bigger fish is which is always more exciting and fun so buying a good fishing rod is super important >

Fishing rods have been around for a long time and will continue to be used until the end of time because fishing is important as a food source and as source. Many people spend their lives trying to master fishing so they can survive and make money so there always will be a demand. Once you get an amazing fishing rod, you'll never go back to cheap and inefficient products that you might find at a random retail store. You need to get a rod from a person who actually knows how to fish. It might seem difficult but you can find this online especially on amazon. Amazon is one of the top online retail stores online and has the top products for each category.

The demand for fishing rods has always been there and will continue to be like this for a long time, but the market has. recently dipped because it is starting to commence the offseason of fish which is the fall, even though it might seem like there's no offseason, the other seasons all have something to offer. Summer is primetime and most fish are alive and swimming around, spring is breeding season and winter is ice fishing season, fall doesn't have much to offer so you can easily find a deal which is perfect for you. Luckily, you stumbled across our amazing website and we have compared the top fishing rods so your life gets much easier.