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Quali-Pro Bifenthrin

Bifenthrin I/T 7.9F Flowable Insecticide is sure-fire control of the toughest pest problems, including: termites, carpenter ants and all species of lawn ants in residential and commercial areas.

Key Features
  • Dependable, long lasting residual control.
  • Compatible with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and liquid fertilizers.
  • Non-irritating, no-odor formulation dries with no visible residue.
Also Works On
  • All species of lawn ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, bill bugs, fleas, mosquitos, mites, scorpions, ticks
Indoor / Outdoor Use
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BioAdvanced Termite Killer

Eliminate pesky termites before the damage is done. With BioAdvanced Termite Killer, killing termites around residential spaces has never been easier.

  • Highly effective product for killing termites
  • Works very fast
  • Lasts all season long
  • Not adding enough water to the powder when applying can lead to spotty results
Key Features
  • Kills termites fast - Simply sprinkle on and water in
  • Use outdoors around home, garage, wood piles, fence posts, etc
  • Easy to use container with built-in shaker applicator
  • One bottle treats an average size home (up to 200 linear feet, 6 inch wide area)
  • Previously sold as Bayer Advanced
Also Works On
Indoor / Outdoor Use
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Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer

Stop termites dead in their tracks and eliminate them with Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer. Don't let termites damage your home and take control today.

  • Sold in both a concentrate and ready-to-use formula
  • Great to combate existing infestations but also as a preventative measure against future infestations
  • Works fast and will last the entire season
  • Doesn't work as well on carpentar ants as it does on termites
  • Spray nozzle can be frustrating to use
Key Features
  • Controls wood-infesting, stinging, crawling and flying insects
  • Broad spectrum outdoor use: lawns, landscapes, foundations, trenches, decks and patios, wood piles and around home structures
  • Kills 60+ listed pests on contact
  • The ready-to-use formula features an award winning ergo-grip battery operated sprayer
Also Works On
  • Ants, fleas, ticks, crickets, spiders and flies
  • Spray nozzel is known to cause issues making it frustrating to use
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Terminate Refill Stakes 5-Count Termite Killer

There are two types of homes: those that have termites and those that will eventually have termites. Spectracide Terminate kills wood-destroying insects indoors and outdoors.

  • Installs in minutes
  • Includes a pop up indicator to measure termite activity
  • This product is more of a detection systems so it's not as effective at treating or preventing termites
Key Features
  • Pop-up indicators detect termite activity, and the stakes kill foraging termites
  • Includes 5 stakes with locator shields – designed to replace termite stakes already in use with the Spectracide Terminate Termite
Also Works On
Indoor / Outdoor Use
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HARRIS Termite Powder

Are termites taking over your home? Stop termites with Harris Termite Powder which can be used as a preventative treatment on existing structures and as pre-treatment.

  • Non toxic and odorless formula makes it ideal for all applications
  • Also kills mold and mildew
  • Great as a preventative termite solution if applied once per year to all wood components of a home
  • Doesn't include a scoop or chart for measuring out partial amounts
Key Features
  • Effective Against Termites, Wood Destroying Beetles, Carpenter Ants, and More
  • Also Use to Control Wood Rot and Mold
  • For Infestation and Prevention
  • Simply Mix & Spray 16oz Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate Powder Makes 1 Gallon Liquid Spray
  • Odorless and Non Flammable and Covers 200 Sq. Feet
Also Works On
  • Wood destroying beetles and carpenter ants
Indoor / Outdoor Use
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Termite Control Overview

Termites can cause damage to any wood in your home which it is crucial to seek professional help in creating a barrier between the termites and the wooden ground.

Keeping termites at bay in homes and projects undergoing construction is crucial. In general, it is important to remove any wood, plants, mulch, paper, cardboard and more from your home. However, for those with homes in the planning stages, builders can use a termite barrier or termite mesh to prevent infestations.

Thankfully, treatments are available to exterminate and protect your home from termites.

What Do Termites Look Like?

While there are over 40 species of termites in the United States, most termites have similar characteristics. Termites typically range in color from white to light brown in color. Generally, worker termites are lighter in color, whereas swarming termites are darker. Termites have soft bodies and are usually between a quarter of an inch to half an inch long.

Signs of Termites

Do you suspect termites in your home? If so, there are many different signs of termite infestations that you should take into consideration.

One sign is blisters in wooden flooring which may indicate that termites are feeding on the wood. Hollowed or damaged wood is also a sign of termites. Damaged wood may have an interior appearance that resembles that of honeycomb. However, if tapped it will sound empty.

Another sign of termites is concrete evidence of swarms. Termites tend to swarm and after doing so, they leave discarded wings. Aside from the wings, you may also see dead termites laying around.

Mud tubes are also a sign of termites. Mud tubes are specifically built by termites and are used as tunnels. These tunnels help termites in their search of wood by protecting them from drying out. These tunnels also act as protection from ants.

Lastly, you may notice termite droppings. Termite droppings look similar to coffee grounds and sawdust.

If you notice any of these signs, there is a good chance that you have a termite infestation.

How To Prevent Termites

If you’re starting a new home project or are simply trying to protect your current home, there are a few things to keep in mind. Keeping termites at bay in existing homes and new projects that are underway is critical.

During the planning stages, builders may use a termite barrier under the house to prevent termites from getting through. Home owners may also inquire about having builders use either a termite mesh, concrete foundations or steel frames.

To prevent termites in existing homes, it is recommended that home owners remove any wood, plants, mulch, paper, cardboard and other similar materials, Individuals should also ensure that storm drains are emptied away from the home. Moreover, any leaky faucets and areas with excess moisture should be repaired.