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Yoga Equipment

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO Yoga Mats are crafted using simple, enduring, natural, and whenever possible, renewable materials and a fine attention to detail. Manduka is a company built by and for yoga teachers.

  • Not slippery or slick at all once worked in
  • Heavy-duty, solid mat
  • Bigger than most other mats
  • Lasts a long time without deteriorating
  • Expensive at first but lasts forever
  • Takes a long time to break in
  • Heavier to carry around
Key Features
  • High-density Closed-cell surface
  • Certified Safe from harmful substances
  • Prevents sweat from seeping into the mat cushion
  • Surface texture improves with use
  • Provides superior joint protection and unmatched grip
  • Lifetime Warranty
Mat Size
  • 2 sizes available - 71" x 26" or 85" x 26"
Memory Foam

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set 6-Piece

Take a journey through the self with the Sivan 6-Piece Yoga Set! One of the thickest mats on the market featuring specially designed memory foam and superior impact absorption and comfort.

  • Mat is super long and very comfy
  • Blocks are smooth and strong
  • Easy to clean
  • Towels are incredibly soft and absorbant
  • Strap is gret for stretching
  • There was a bad odor to the mat when first opened
  • Carry strap tends to slip off
Key Features
  • 1/2" ultra thick yoga mat
  • Made with specially designed memory foam
  • Ribbed surface on one side and smooth on the other
  • Non-slip surface grips the floor to prevent injury
  • 6.5 ft yoga strap allows for better extension of the body
  • Towels designed with microfiber technology for prime absorption
  • Comes with Yoga Mat, 2 Yoga Blocks, 2 Towels, and Strap
Mat Size
Memory Foam

BalanceFrom 1/2" GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom All-Purpose Premium exercise yoga mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries. Exceptional resilience allows you to keep your balance during any exercise.

  • Padding is cushy and thick enough to protect your knees
  • Super easy to clean
  • Great mat for the price
  • Strap makes it easy to carry
  • Lightweight but still sturdy
  • Makes squeeky noises when changing poses
  • Not as durable as other mats
Key Features
Mat Size
Memory Foam

BalanceFrom 1/4" GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

With its excellent slip resistant advantage, BalanceFrom All-Purpose Premium exercise yoga mat helps prevent injuries. Its exceptionally resilient & moisture resistant technology make it a great mat.

  • Provides good support for hands/feet
  • Stays flat when unrolled
  • Easy to roll up and store
  • Good quality and very affordable
  • Good sized mat for any sized person
  • Need to let it air out at first due to rubbery smell
  • Started showing wear after several months
Key Features
Mat Size
Memory Foam

Onory Yoga Strap Stretch Straps

The road to a healthy and happy life starts here with Onory Yoga Strap Stretch Straps. Use it for Physical Therapy or exercise. Comes with Exercise Booklet & Carry Bag Non-Elastic Multi Loops.

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Booklet provides many different helpful stretches
  • Good quality for the price
  • Works great for tall and short people
  • Rolls up easy for storage and portability
  • Material slips when wearing socks
Key Features
  • Made with premium quality woven nylon
  • 12 independent loops to make it any length you want
  • Will not stretch, fray or lose it's shape
  • Offers optimal resistance and great stability
  • Comes with a carry bag and Exercise Booklet
  • Helpful in Physical Therapy and recovery from injury
Workout Guide
Storage Bag

Yoga Equipment Overview

Yoga has been practiced by people for thousands of years and has evolved immensely over that time. Its original purpose was more to do with spirituality and enlightenment but has evolved into more than just that. It has now become known as an accepted alternative form of exercise and fitness. With that evolution has come the production of countless types of equipment and accessories to help optimize the experience.

With accessories ranging from Yoga mats and props to apps and apparel, the Yoga Equipment industry has exploded in recent years. Many companies have popped up over this time selling a wide array of products to help people with their Yoga needs and bring the practice of Yoga to a new level. But which products are the best and which are best for you?

Whether you're a Yoga expert or just a beginner, there are plenty of products to make the experience easier and more fun. From blocks and straps to mats and towels, you'll be surprised on what is available. We've provided you with some of the best equipment in the market to help you find what you need.

What Yoga Equipment Do You Need?

So you've decided to give Yoga a try, but what do you need to get started? As we mentioned earlier, the business of Yoga has grown into a major industry, offering countless accessories and innovations, all serving to make the experience more comfortable. Not all are essential however so here are a few items that are.

Yoga Mats

Obviously Yoga Mats are the most popular and essential of all equipment. It's not too often you come across a Yogi without a mat. They allow you to enjoy the benefits of Yoga without the chronic pain of doing it on a hard concrete or wood floor. Not only does the Mat define your personal space on the floor but most of all, it ensures your hands and feet don't slip, especially as you start to sweat. Mats come in different shapes, sizes and materials so make sure to do your research as it is the most important Yoga related decision you will make.

Water Bottles, Towels & Blankets

The next most important Yoga accessories are water bottles, towels and blankets. Make no mistake, Yoga is a workout that will make you sweat so you need to keep hydrated. Always make sure to bring a sufficient amount of water so you can maximize your workout. It is also important to maintain your grip while doing Yoga so a towel is key to keep you and your area dry and grippy. Blankets can help with ths as well, among other things.

Other Accessories

This is where things can get confusing for beginners of Yoga. Which accessories are necessary and which are not? Or even further, which are beneficial and which aren't. Things like Yoga bags or slings are helpful for transporting your mat, etc but definitely not necessary. Then there are items that help enhance your Yoga sessions. Things like Blocks, straps, bolsters and wheels are great for this. There use is usually dictated by your instructor so don't worry if you don't know how to use them at first, they can help you with that.