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Balance Bikes

Strider Youth 16 Sport Balance Bike

The STRIDER 16 Sport Balance Bike is sure to be a hit with kids learning to ride for the 1st time, dealing with special needs challenges, or just tearing it up at the skate parks and BMX bike parks.

  • Excellent for kids with special needs
  • Glides very smoothly
  • Hand brakes are good for teaching kids how to use them
  • Sturdy, well made bike
  • Perfect for teaching balance
  • Seat is not very comfortable
  • Assembly required
Key Features
  • LEARN TO RIDE: A balance bike is the first step in learning how to ride a bike. It lets your child learn to balance and steer without the complexity of pedaling. Once they’ve mastered those skills, transitioning to a pedal bike is easy!
  • ANY AGE, ANY ABILITY: It’s never too late to learn how to ride a bike! The seat and handlebar heights adjust to accommodate ages 6 to 10 years or 20.5 to 26.5 in (52.1 to 67.3 cm) inseam (no tools required).
  • DESIGNED FOR KIDS: The lightweight frame weighs only 17.7 lbs (8 kg), making it easy for your child to ride and stride. The cross-terrain tires offer a smooth ride on all surfaces while the removable footrests help them learn to balance and glide.
  • COMFORTABLE: Adjust the padded seat in position and angle for the best fit for your Strider rider. Additionally, the handlebars have a 3 degree sweep for more comfortable positioning.
  • SAFE: The 16 Sport comes equipped with front and rear v brakes for greater stopping power so they can cruise and stay safe!

Strider 14 Sport Balance Bike

The bike that set the world on fire revolutionizing the way kids learn to ride. The Strider 14x Sport is our all-around fun factory. Kids as young as 3 can experience the thrill of riding on 2 wheels!

  • Easy to put together and works great
  • Looks great and runs smoothly
  • Lots of room for adjustments in height
  • Perfect for the transition to big bikes.
  • Geat value
  • Pedal kit sold seperately
  • No handle brakes
Key Features
  • INSTANT SUCCESS - That’s what we want kids to experience on the Strider 14x Sport. We’ve assembled all the necessary ingredients to give your tyke a taste of confidence, so your little racer can successfully shift from riding a balance bike to pedaling like a pro as quickly as possible. Why? Because the success your little boy or girl experiences when they ride a Strider begins building confidence they’ll use for life.
  • PEDALS NOT INCLUDED – The Awesome Blue 14x Sport comes as a traditional push balance bike. But once your little rider is ready you can purchase the Easy-Ride Conversion Kit from Strider to add functional pedals, taking this bike to the next level.
  • GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD - If your mini-me is sprouting faster than a weed amped up on fertilizer, the 14X is the bike for you. The adjustable seat and handlebars accommodate ages 3 to 7 years, or inseams ranging from 16 – 23”, so your little one always has a bike that fits.
  • DESIGNED FOR KIDS - The lightweight frame with footrest weighs only 12.5 pounds (pre-pedals), making it easy for your child to handle. The footrests are perfect for learning to balance and glide until they're ready for pedals, which can be easily attached when the time comes.
  • MADE TO LAST BIKE KIT - Kids can be hard on things. The 14x's durable steel frame is designed to last for years. The all-adventure rubber tires are compatible with standard bike pumps, making maintenance a breeze on this riding toy.

Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike

Beginning bike riders will find great success on the Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike. With a super strong yet lightweight aluminum frame, this balance bike is easier to control than heavier options.

  • Sturdy, light weight, and has pneumatic tires
  • High-quality and looks great
  • Clear instuctions and easy to assemble
  • Seat and grips are well made, comfy and stylish
  • Tires pump up easily and provide good traction on slick surfaces
  • Brake handle is too big for the age range the bike is for
  • Seat moves at times
Key Features
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

DalosDream 12 2-in-1 Balance Bike

Learning to ride a bicycle can be overwhelming and challenging especially for kids. That’s why the DalosDream 2in1 Sport Balance Bike is a must-have for teaching your kid to learn this crucial skill.

  • Comes with hand brake and foot rest
  • Smooth ride and good strong tires
  • Pedal kit included
  • Well made and easy to put together
  • Smooth ride and great for kids
  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Chain is hidden in the chain box on the rear wheel and hard to find
Key Features
  • ENHANCES BALANCE: This training bike for kids is specifically designed to improve balances in your new little riders and reduces chances of falls for a seamless transition from riding a balance bike to a pedal bike. The gripped footrest lets them place their feet for enhanced balance and stability for safe and adventurous riding experience.
  • LET YOUR KID LEARN THE BEST WAY: This balance bike and a starter pedal bike set provide you with a transitional way to help your kid learn how ride safely and quickly. Using the no pedal option to let your young rider to learn balance, steering, coordination and cultivates confidence before transiting on the pedal mode when he/she becomes a confident rider.
  • DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT and SAFE: This pedal bicycle for kids is made with a high strength steel frame which is durable and indestructible yet ultralight allowing the young riders to feel more in control and confident while nurturing their riding skills no matter the terrain.
  • ADJUSTABLE and COMFORTABLE: This balance bike for kids features adjustable seat and handlebar to accommodate ages 3 to 7 years.  The seat and handlebars are padded and ergonomically designed for extra comfort so your little one can ride easy for hours.
  • VERSATILE TIRES: This balance bike for Boys and Girls is made with extra thick and wide air tires that are perfect for all kinds of roads including gravel roads, mountains, puddles and much more. What’s more, fitted with a hand brake for extra safety while riding.

Swagtron K3 12 No-Pedal Balance Bike

With the K3 Balance Bike from SWAGTRON, learning to ride is as easy as ever. Crafted from sturdy aluminum, it’s perfect for kids aged 2-5, helping them improve their balance, coordination and stamina.

  • Good quality for the price
  • Light and easy to control
  • Wide range of seat height
  • Tires are perfect for riding on or off road
  • Great for helping with core strength and balance
  • Bicycle grips wear easily
  • Instructions are not always clear
Key Features
  • Better than training wheels: This no-pedal bike is perfect for helping kids 2-5 improve their balance, coordination & stamina. It weighs a child-friendly 7 lb. And supports kids up to 55 lb. With our balance push bike, learning to ride is easy as walking.
  • 12” air-filled tires: with the K3, your child gets The true feel for riding a bike. Air-filled rubber tires HUG the pavement better than the solid foam or hard plastic of other toddler bikes. The result? A riding experience that’s smooth and fluid.
  • Height-adjustable seat: The seat adjusts between 12 and 16 inches high to accommodate 13- to 17-inch inseams. The seat’s padding is supportive yet soft enough to prevent chafing, making our balance bike for kids more comfortable for young learners.
  • Lightweight yet durable: other training bikes are made either with solid steel that’s too heavy for young riders, or cheap plastic that won’t last long with active kids. The K3 features a reinforced aluminum alloy frame for extra durability and longevity.
  • World-class support: the K3 balance bike comes with a 90-day limited and is backed by an expert support team, fully staffed in the U. S. Have a question? Need help? Just reach out for expedited service, Available via live chat, phone & email.

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Encourage your child to ride with the Strider 12 Balance Bike. Your child must be allowed to experience the feel of leaning and learn how to balance and ride a bike in the simplest way.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Hand brakes are a great addition
  • Very sturdy and well made
  • Tires don't go flat
  • Seat height adjusts as your child grows
  • Tires don't grip well on slick surfaces
  • No written instructions, just pictures
Key Features
  • JOIN THE STRIDER FAMILY - Meet the bike that set the world on fire and revolutionized the way kids learn to ride. Children as young as one are experiencing the thrill of riding without training wheels before they’re out of diapers.
  • GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD - The seat and handlebar heights adjust to accommodate ages 18 months to 5 years, or a 12– 20 in. inseam (no tools required).
  • FOR YOUNG KIDS - Weighing in at only 3.0 kg (6.7 lbs.), the 12 Sport push bike makes it easy for your boy or girl to ride and stride. Mini-grips mean your child’s little mitts can easily take control. This bike gives you the biggest bang for your buck!
  • IT’S MORE THAN JUST A RIDING TOY - Boring specs aside, this is the bike that introduces kids to the freedom, power, and responsibility of riding. Now they have the power to keep up with you when you’re out and about, experiencing amazing freedom.
  • YEARS OF FUN - We know kids put things through rigorous…*ahem*…testing. With the 12 Sport's durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires, you don't have to worry about damage or maintenance and have a child’s bike they won’t outgrow in a few months.

Bixe 16" Pro Balance Bike

Give your kids the best experience in learning to ride with the 16" balance bike from Bixe. Designed for older kids, they feature a durable steel frame and can extend to fit big kids 5-9 years old.

  • Perfect for bigger kids or kids with special needs
  • Easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Nice foot rest when gliding
  • Good quality and good looks
  • Great teaching tool
  • Bike seat is hard and uncomfortable
  • Handle bars bend easily
Key Features
  • THE BEST WAY TO LEARN TO RIDE - A balance bike provides a safer, faster way to learn to ride a bike by letting your child master balance and steering first in a distraction-free way. Once they're comfortable gliding on a balance bike, riding a pedal bike becomes easy.
  • WARRANTY - If at all you are not satisfied with the bike, or even the results, please let us know. We will 100% buy back the balance bike from you. With the 100% guarantee, we will fix or replace defective parts as well.
  • SAFETY A MUST - Along with providing the best balance bike at the fairest price, we ensure that each bike is crafted with your child's safety in mind. All clamps are tamper proof, both wheels are equipped with safety washers and each frame is built with the capacity to far exceed the weight of the largest children.
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERY CHILD - This balance bike is perfect for kids who are just starting to ride a bike, kids with special needs or challenges, and even experienced riders who enjoy testing their limits.
  • SIMPLE SET UP - Each bike comes partially assembled. The wheels are securely attached and ready to ride. Just slide the seat and handlebars in the right position for your child, clamp it down with the wrench provided, inflate the tires and you're good to go.

Yvolution Y Velo Flippa 4-in-1 Balance Bike

The Y Velo Flippa from Yvolution now comes with a parent steering handlebar that allows you to control the speed and direction until you are comfortable to allow your kid to cruise at their own speed.

  • Comes with push bar that also controls the front wheel
  • Cute design and color
  • Good quality and easy assembly
  • Very smooth and easy to use
  • Great value
  • Seat is not adjustable
  • Says its for 2-5 year old but too tall for 2 year old
Key Features
  • 🏆 FOUR WAYS TO RIDE: 1) Push trike mode with handle for easy steering 2) Tricycle for kids 3) Push bike with parent steering 4) Balance bike.
  • 🏆 ‘TWIST AND FLIP’: Parents can easily press a button, flip the two rear wheels inward and convert to Balance Bike mode in seconds.
  • 🏆 REMOVABLE PEDALS - Parents can remove the pedals and store them neatly under the bike's seat.
  • 🏆 ADJUSTABLE SEAT & HANDLEBARS: Adjustable seat grows with your child, suitable for children from 2 to 5 years up to 44lbs (20kg).
  • 🏆 DESIGNED FOR SAFETY - Larger wheels and higher ground clearance are designed for safer play and easier riding on uneven surfaces. Three-wheel design guarantees more stability for beginners who are not good at keeping balance

ACEGER Balance Bike with Basket

The Aceger balance bike should be your first bike in learning how to ride. It can help your child master balancing more quickly and is designed to keep your children safe while having fun.

  • Well made and very cute
  • Basket makes it fun for kids to take toys and things on their ride
  • Adjustable seat allows it to grow with your child
  • Great quality for the low price
  • Esy to assemble
  • Too tall for a 2 year old
Key Features
  • Safety and High Quality : Lightweight but sturdy frame for safety. Optimized an air-filled tires to filter the road vibration to make riding more comfortable.
  • Approx Age Range : Designed for riders aged 2.5-5 years with a minimum inside leg of 13" (33cm). Is the perfect introduction to the concept of two wheels.
  • Lovely Components : Soft handlebar grips, reflectors and a bell are included. The extremely cute wicker basket to let the kids pack all the stuffed animals or snacks...
  • Easy Assembly : Includes all the tools for easy instructions. Quick release seat-post for easy height adjustment.Our tires are only 60-70% inflated for safety during transportation. Otherwise, it maybe explode during Sealed environment.
  • A Variety of Options : Available in an array of kid-loving colors, pink, white,spring green, purple.

JOYSTAR 16" Balance Bike

With no pedals or gears, the JOYSTAR 16” balance bike helps your little rider find their balance by making it easy to put their feet down. Scooting around with their feet is how the bike moves.

  • Adjustable seat and handle bars
  • Good quality and sturdiness
  • Looks cute and works great
  • Half the price of other brands
  • Comes with safety lights and a bike bell
  • Assembly instructions are not clear
  • Brake assembly is difficult
Key Features
  • FUN AND FREE RIDING - Our bikes are designed to focus on a simple goal: learning and improving balance. Through this approach, your child will also learn coordination and confidence. We have found it to be the best way to learn to ride.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME - Built with strong carbon steel for every detail of this bike, 13.5 lbs , the lightweight bicycle frame design makes the bike easier to control for kids, ideal for children to start training.
  • ADJUSTABLE BIKE - Built for ages 5 and up and fitting an inseam of 45-55cm (18-22 inch), the JOYSTAR 16 Striker is the perfect balance bike for those who want to learn how to ride but haven't had the right opportunity to learn.
  • SIMPLITY AND SAFETY - Along with providing the best balance bike, we ensure that each bike is crafted with your child's safety in mind. The aluminum quick release seat clamps allows for No Tool saddle height adjustments. Installed with Pneumatic tires trail over rocky and bumpy terrain.
  • SERVICE AND WARRANTY - Comes with limited life time warranty and is backed by an expert support team. If at all you are not satisfied with the bike, please let us know. With the 100% guarantee, we will fix or replace defective parts as well.

Balance Bikes Overview

Learning to ride a bike is a lifelong skill and one of the first accomplishments in a child’s life. Most of us can still remember that feeling the first time you realize your parent is no longer running behind you holding your seat and you’re actually riding on your own. We also remember using training wheels at first to get a feel for the bike before trying it on our own, but is that really the best way to learn? While it seemed to work for most of us, many experts say they are not. There is a better, more effective way.

The introduction of the Balance Bike has changed the way kids learn to ride. As the name suggests, these learning tools are a type of training bicycle designed to help young children learn how to properly balance and steer their bikes. They are without pedals, gears, or chains to allow your child to focus solely on properly balancing and counter-steering before learning how to pedal. With training wheels, it is believed to slow the learning process as kids become dependent on the training wheels for balance rather than doing it on their own. It is more like learning to ride a tricycle than a bicycle. Instead of learning to steer by leaning, they learn to steer by turning the handlebars, and pushing their body weight away from the bike, to stop it from toppling over. When they get on a bike without training wheels, they have to unlearn this habit and learn something different. So not only are Balance Bikes a more effective learning tool, they speed up the process considerably.

So now that we've established that, how do you go about deciding on the right Balance Bike for your child? As they have grown in popularity over the past few years, the market has become flooded with different options. As with anything, some are better than others and vary in their quality and effectiveness. There are many things to consider, not the least of which is the price but generally they are not overly expensive. Once you have decided on your price point, here are some other factors to keep in mind.

First is the weight of the bike, especially for younger kids. The lighter the bike, the easier to maneuver so if you're comparing 2 bikes of the same price, pick the lighter one. The height of the seat is another important factor. It is imperative that your child's feet can reach the ground and push off from a seated position, so look for a bike that is about the height of their inseam as a general rule. The wheels are another feature to consider as they come in different sizes and material. Generally, bigger wheels are easier to use but not so big that it alters the height of the bike. Some models come with standard air tires and others come in plastic, which are cheaper but don't have as much traction.

It is never easy to research and decide on the best product out there. The best thing you can do is consider your needs and find the one that checks off the most boxes. Balancing Bikes are no different in this regard so we have put together a list of some of the best options on the market to help minimize your time spent researching and find the best one for your child.