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French horns

Monel Rotors Bb/F 4 Keys Double French Horn

This Monel Rotors Gold Lacquer Double French horn is perfect for students. It is designed and built for rich and warm tone, smooth rotary response, and weight balance for easy performance.

  • Great feel
  • Wider mouthpiece which is great for some
  • Comfortable hand position and smoother air flow
  • Vibration is great
  • Compares favorably to many very expensive horns
  • Might experience jamming keys
  • Valves might also get stuck
Key Features
  • Flawless Gold Lacquer Finish
  • Key of Bb/F, Bore Size : .469 inch, Bell Dia : 12.244inch
  • Easy to Carry Detachable Bell, Balanced Weight Design
  • Durable LightWeight ABS Case
  • 4 Durable Monel Smooth Rotors
  • Fast and Smooth Rotary response

Mendini Intermediate Key of F/Bb Double French Horn

The Mendini F/Bb Intermediate Double French horn has a yellow brass bell & body & 4 rotors with string lever action. Comes with tuner w/ metronome, mouthpiece, hard case, polishing cloth and gloves.

  • Great intonation across the range
  • Good sound quality and projection
  • Inexpensive and great for the price
  • Perfect instrument for the beginner student musicians
  • Double horn allowing for movement towards professional playing
  • More expensive than the other version by the same manufacturer
  • Would need upgrading for the professional player
Key Features
  • Standard key of F/Bb Intermediate Double French horn
  • Lacquered yellow brass bell and body
  • .468" bore 12" bell
  • 4 solid rotors with string lever action
  • Package Includes: Cecilio 92-D chromatic/string tuner with metronome, silver plated mouthpiece, pro-deluxe hard case, polishing cloth and a pair of gloves
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects

Mendini MFH-20 Single Key of F Brass French Horn

Mendini by Cecilio MFH-20 French Horn in the key of F is an excellent choice for the serious student. It features a responsive full bodied sound & projection, smooth key action, & lacquered finish.

  • Mendini French horn is perfect for student
  • Great projection and impressive sound quality
  • Affordable option
  • Low-priced for an F-keyed instrument
  • Also deal for a performer who wants to improve from a basic, B-flat version
  • Recommended by many band leaders
  • Would need upgrading with proficiency
  • Some sticky keys and inconsistency of working keys
Key Features
  • Lightweight standard key of F single French horn
  • Possess lacquered yellow brass bell and body
  • .450" bore 12" bell
  • 3 solid rotors with mechanical linkage
  • Delivers a surprisingly clear and piercing tone
  • Includes: silver plated mouthpiece, pro-deluxe hard case, polishing cloth and a pair of gloves
  • Bonus: Cecilio 92-D chromatic/string tuner with metronome
  • Single horn and has three valves
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects

Ammoon French Horn

The Ammoon French Horn features a responsive full bodied sound, optimum sound projection, 3 solid rotary valves for smooth key action, & lacquered finish. Perfect for student, beginner & teacher.

  • This single horn is a good quality beginner instrument
  • Offers a full sound and sports 3 valves
  • The bell comes with a detachable option
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Durable french horn and full sounding horn
  • Excellent middle to upper range
  • Would need upgrading with proficiency
  • Threads on the bell does not line up
  • Difficult to attach the bell to the horn
Key Features
  • Tone: Bb
  • Key: Bb
  • Brass gold lacquer single-row french horn
  • 3 key lacquer finish horn plays in the key of B/Bb Flat
  • Tuning slide and leadpipe made of cupronickel
  • Comes with a cupronickel mouthpiece, a cleaning cloth, a pair of gloves and hardshell case
  • French horn features a brass bore for a responsive full bodied sound
  • 12" bell for optimum sound projection
  • 3 solid rotary valves for smooth key action
  • Perfect for student, beginner and teacher
  • 12 months Manufacturer's limited Warranty for defective items

Eastar Single French Horn

The Eastar French Horn in F is bright, abundant & powerful with excellent vibration. These Single horns are lightweight and less complicated than double horns, making them ideal for new horn students.

  • Its sound is excellent and bright
  • Produces penetrating, abundant and powerful, excellent vibration
  • Ideal for new horn students
  • Better fit and less chance of corrosion
  • Leadpipe improves response and intonation throughout the instrument
  • Comfortable hand position and smoother air flow
  • Internal pipes has to be covered with valve oil all the time
  • Inner pipes must not be exposed to water vapor for a long period
Key Features
  • F single horn
  • Lightweight and less complicated
  • 3 rotary valves
  • Leadpipe tape
  • Beautiful and uniform gold lacquer
  • Nickel silver inner and outer slides
  • Beautiful outlook
  • Tapered valves wear for a long use without air leakage
  • Dazzling and shiny, clean and transparent color with superb reflection
  • Package Contains: 3-Key French Horn,F Key, 3in1 tuner, white gloves, cloth, valve oil, French horn cleaning suit, French horn mouthpiece

French Horns Overview

The french horn is an orchestral wind instrument that dates back to the 17th century. It is played by pushing air through the mouthpiece while pressing valves to create music.

Choosing a french horn can be difficult, especially if you are a beginner. Musicians must choose between playing a single or double horn. A single horn allows individuals to master the basics due to its simplicity. However, musicians may find themselves purchasing a double french horn to avoid upgrading later on.

So how do you know which french horn is perfect for you? When purchasing a french horn, you must determine which features are most important to you. Take into consideration the bell, valves, rotors, tuning slides, leadpipe, range and even weight of the instrument.

With so many options, we’ve done our best to narrow down your search by comparing some of the most popular french horns on the market. We’re confident that our comparison will help determine which french horn will best suit your needs.

Difficulty to Play

The French Horn is often considered the most difficult instrument to play. While It is capable of hitting a wide range of notes, it is also incredibly difficult to hit them consistently. It is very easy for a musician to crack notes or play flat, making it an even more impressive feat to truly master the French horn.

Types of French Horns

While there are technically 3 types of French Horn, 2 of them are commonly used among players, while the third is not as popular. The Single Horn, Double Horn and Triple Horn all have their own characteristics and capabilities, but which is best for you?

Single Horn

The most basic and cost effective type of French horn is the single horn. It is operated using three rotors and comes in two keys (F and Bb). Because of its lower cost, lighter weight, and ease of use, single horns are a popular choice for young students.

Double Horn

The most popular French Horn among players is the Double Horn as it gives the player the ability to shift between the key of F and Bb by using a 4th valve that is not found on the single horn. As a result of its versatility, the double horn is the primary choice among intermediate and Professional players. It does come at a higher cost but the results are undeniable.

Triple Horn

It should be noted that there is a Triple Horn available that is becoming more popular among Professionals. They are significantly heavier as they require extra tubing but, with this tubing comes the ability to add a third horn in addition to the F and Bb; the Alto F horn. The added weight and much steeper price tag make it an option limited to only the best players who make a living off the French Horn.