Our Method


Our team of online-savvy professionals spends hours upon hours researching products and services available for sale online. We identify a category to focus on and then we go to work, identifying popular / top selling brands and gathering the associated factual content such as feature lists, warranty information and any other factors that we feel somebody considering a purchase would want to know.

When comparing the pros and cons of individual brands, we feel that the most responsible approach is to listen to the people who have actually purchased the product or service. To accomplish this, our team scours the internet for consumer reviews both positive and negative (and everything in between), making note of common praises and complaints about a particular brand or model. We’re cautious to avoid one-off scathing reviews (or the opposite) that don’t seem to necessarily reflect the general feelings of the masses. For example, one person suggesting that a product doesn’t work as intended is treated much differently than when dozens of purchasers make the exact same comment.

We do not review products or services ourselves, since our intent is to present a non-biased, fact-based comparison of available brands in a particular category. We seek to save the consumer time by showing them the most common pros and cons that purchasers across the Internet have mentioned in their reviews. The goal is that shoppers will not need to spend countless hours reading product reviews for themselves, as the Comparisons.us team has already performed this grueling task for them.

After presenting the facts, we make it easy for shoppers to get pricing and other more detailed information, either by providing a link to an online retailer such as Amazon or a phone number that they can call for further information. Comparisons.us may be compensated for any sales that are generated through these links or numbers. However, we do not take payment in exchange for altering or influencing the content presented on our site.