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Electronic Drums

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

Introducing the Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit! Complete 8pc kit that delivers a realistic playing experience w/ practice focused educational features. Everything you need right out of the box.

  • Great for beginners
  • Perfect feel with natural response
  • Headphone jack enables private practice
  • You get 40 bonus lessons when you register on the website
  • Comes with 60 play along tracks and 350+ expertly curated sounds
  • Advanced sequencer and performance recorder aids learning and development
  • Bonus lessons have restrictions and limits
  • Poor customer support
Key Features
  • Premium eight piece configuration
  • Offers next generation performance
  • Has an 8 inch dual zone snare pad
  • Backlit LCD allows easy navigation
  • Comes with three 8 inch tom pads
  • Three 10 inch cymbals
  • Also comes with ride cymbal, hi hat, crash w/choke, 4 post aluminum rack, and connection cables
  • Drum sticks, drum key and power supply included
  • 60 built in play along tracks, sequencer, and metronome
  • Has aux input and performance recorder

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

All-new Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is a complete 8pc electronic drum kit that includes everything the modern aspiring drummer needs to play like a pro. Comes w/ snare, 3 toms, kick w/ pedal & 3 cymbals.

  • Great connectivity
  • Natural feel with great response
  • Compact size with conveniently collapsible design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for the price
  • Electronic control box is complicated
  • Hi-hat is a tad bit unrealistic
Key Features
  • 10 inch dual zone mesh snare
  • 8 inch mesh kick drum tower with kick drum pedal
  • Comes with three 8 inch dual zone mesh tom pads
  • (3) 10 inch cymbals: ride cymbal, hi hat, crash w/choke
  • Possess surge drum module with 40 kits
  • 60 play along tracks and 385 sounds
  • Inbuilt sequencer to record your own playing
  • You can connect your mp3 player to the aux input to listen your favourite tracks or record
  • 4 post chrome rack, connection cables, drum sticks, drum key and power supply included

Pyle Pro Electronic Drum kit

The Pyle Pro Electronic tabletop drum kit is an all-in-one wonder. You can drum along to your favorite songs, or create your own songs, while enjoying customizable sound and compact portability.

  • You can connect to your computer: Mac and PC
  • Has a nice portable and compact tabletop design
  • Over hundred built in sounds, drum kits and songs
  • Comes packed with 55 preset + 10 custom preloaded drum kits
  • Also has 300+ cymbal/drum sounds, and it also has a drum trainer learning mode for beginners and starters
  • Pedals are not so stable
  • Kick drum seems too loud for some
Key Features
  • Built-in metronome
  • Drum Sticks
  • Record, save and edit your drum recordings
  • Effectively reproduces complete 'drum set' sounds
  • Comes with 7 drum pads with fantastic touch sensitivity
  • Also has 2 digital foot pedal controllers: bass drum and hi-hat
  • Tempo/beat/rhythm/EQ and volume adjustment
  • LED digital display with button control center
  • Battery powered: needs (6) x ‘C’ batteries
  • Headphone Jack with 1/4’’ Input

Alesis Compact Kit 4

The Alesis Compact Kit 4 is a table top electronic drum kit with everything a drummer needs to sharpen their skills! 4 velocity-sensitive drum pads deliver realistic sounds w/ the feel of real drums.

  • Authentic drum kit response
  • Giftable with impressive volume control
  • Produces realistic and high-quality sounds
  • Drum is portable and you can take it anywhere
  • Comes with educative and helpful features
  • Pads helps to capture every subtle nuance of your performance
  • Bass drum double may trigger too often
  • Runs too small with somewhat cheap plastic
Key Features
  • Built in powerful speaker
  • 10 built in effect voices
  • 4 velocity sensitive electric drum pads
  • Ultra portable 4 pad electronic drum kit
  • 70 electronic and acoustic drum kit voices
  • Coach feature that reveals notes on lcd screen
  • Game function makes playing and learning fun
  • Dedicated headphone output that aids private practice
  • Comes with 50 play along songs to develop your skills

PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

If you want to practice the drums in an apartment but do not want to disturb your family or neighbors, choose the Paxcess Electronic Drum Set. Not only make practicing quieter, but more efficient.

  • Efficient practice time
  • Drum is professional and portable
  • Speakers produces impressive bass effect
  • Earphone jack gives you much needed quietness and privacy
  • Delivers up to 10 hours playtime after a full charge
  • Drum can be connected to computers to produce music or play games
  • High and low end may have some minor distortion
  • Drum pads run small
Key Features

Electronic Drums Overview

An electronic drum kit allows for a wide range of sounds that go beyond that of a regular drum kit. The electronic drum kit has also risen in popularity due to its reduced noise and size in comparison to traditional drum sets.

How do you know which electronic drum kit is best for you? While sound reduction and a compact size are great, it’s important to determine which additional features are most important for you. When purchasing electronic drums be sure to consider the playtime, charging time, speaker quality, the ability to edit your recordings, drum pad quality and more.

With so many options, we’ve done our best to narrow down your search by comparing some of the most popular electric drums on the market. We’re confident that our comparison will help determine which electric drum kit will best suit your needs.

Mesh Pads vs. Rubber Pads

The 2 main types of Drum Pads to choose from are Rubber pads and Mesh pads. Both have their pros and cons and both come at varying price points but ultimately your deision will come down to personal preference and what you need them for. The extent to which you can make noise is also a factor.

Mesh Pads

Mesh pads are commonly thought to be the better quality of the 2 but they are also far more expensive, to upwards of a thousand dollars more in some cases. They tend to be more responsive and sound more realistic than their counterpart and are much quieter as well, allowing you to play anytime of day without anyone really noticing.

The commonly mentioned downside to mesh is that the rebound off the pad is very different to that of Acoustic Drums so making the transition back to a traditional kit is more difficult.

Rubber Pads

Those who prefer Rubber Pads point to the fact that, besides being the cheaper alternative, the harder surface makes them sturdier and less prone to damage than mesh. They are also louder and give you a better feel and response. This may not be ideal for late-night playing but if you're looking for strength and a similar feel to the tradiotional drum kit, Rubber is the way to go.