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Jewelry Cleaners

Dareflow 30L Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

The Dareflow Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner offers superior cleaning results while avoiding the use of solvents. Ultrasonic energy waves create microscopic cleansing bubbles that gently lift dirt away.

  • Great quality and very efficient
  • Nice big basin that can fit almost anything
  • Can clean any type of metal beyond just jewelry
  • Also good for hard plastic and glass items
  • Comes with chemical-resistant gloves
  • A little slow to heat up
  • Among the more expensive units
Key Features
  • 800W RAPID HEATING: efficiently heated cleaning and remove contaminants such as oil, grease, lubricants, dirt, corrosion and deposits;
  • RECOVERY PERFORMANCE: powered by 10 high-performance industrial transducers, easily cleaning the Long hole, finedraw and shelter of carburetors, injectors, bicycle parts, gears, bearings and guns;
  • STURDY STAINLESS STEEL: ultrasonic tank is SUS304 Stainless Steel for superior durability and corrosion resistance resists damage from chemical spills;
  • SAVE YOUR TIME AND COSTS: once set up and running, you are freed up to perform other tasks while the cleaner looks after itself;
  • What You Get: digital ultrasonic cleaner, cleaning basket, connector, manual, free chemical resistant gloves gifts and our 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.

Elmasonic EP10H Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

This full-featured benchtop EP10H Ultrasonic Cleaner from Elmasonic is a great choice for Jewelers and Watchmakers who offer cleaning, as well as people looking to do it themselves at home.

  • Bath heats up very quickly
  • Cleans objects fast and thoroughly
  • Controls are intuitive and the build quality is excellent
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Comes with timer and deep pulse mode
  • Tank is subject to rust after a while
  • Does not include a basket
Key Features
  • Faster & Better Cleaning: With the unique deep clean pulse mode, E Plus units clean up to 20% faster and remove even the hardest contaminants.
  • 100% Control: Comes with timer and deep pulse mode for easy operation and superior cleaning experience.
  • Clean (almost) anything: Works for non-accessible surfaces, removal of fats, oils and grease, encrusted dirt & more.
  • The choice is yours: With tank size ranging from 0.25 - 7.5 Gallons, Heating Power from 60-1200W and Ultrasonic Power from 30-300W, there’s a model for every need.
  • First Class Quality: Covered by the Elma Commitment to Quality with 2-year warranty and 1-year replacement guarantee.

Dareflow 6L Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

The Dareflow 6L Ultrasonic energy waves create millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles that gently lift dirt away. A perfect option for jewelry & other waterproof metal items without damaging them.

  • Ultrasonic waves take effect right away
  • Items are clean in about 5-10 mins
  • Build quilty is good and very easy to operate
  • Gets items clean in areas you can't get to manually
  • Comes with a basket and gloves
  • Not a very quiet machine
Key Features
  • 400W RAPID HEATING: efficiently heated cleaning and remove contaminants such as oil, grease, lubricants, dirt, corrosion and deposits;
  • POWERFUL CLEANING: powered by 3 high-performance industrial transducers, easily cleaning the Long hole, finedraw and shelter of carburetors, injectors, bicycle parts, gears, bearings and guns;
  • STURDY STAINLESS STEEL: ultrasonic tank is SUS304 Stainless Steel for superior durability and corrosion resistance resists damage from chemical spills.
  • SAVE YOUR TIME AND COSTS: once set up and running, you are freed up to perform other tasks while the cleaner looks after itself;
  • What You Get: digital ultrasonic cleaner, cleaning basket, connector, manual, free chemical resistant gloves gifts and our 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.

CO-Z 15L Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

The CO-Z Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning machine is made with reinforced cleaning tank inner wall to withstand the ultrasonic waves for a longer period of time, thus lengthening the service life.

  • Great for cleaning jewelry, tools, car parts and other metal items
  • Cleans very well with just water
  • Easy to use and built well
  • Allows you to pre-heat the unit without running the sonic feature
  • Initial heating is slow
  • Very noisy
Key Features
  • Strong Cleaning Power-----6 industrial grade ultrasonic transducers (6x60 W=360W), easily and thoroughly cleans your valuables and small items; designed with latest technologies, this professional ultrasonic cleaner is expert in cleaning, maintenance and more, which makes the digital cleaning machine accommodate users’ different needs.
  • Extra-Thick Tank-----Extra-thick 0.06 in. (1.5mm)stainless steel tank with 3.97 Gal. (15L) volume, durable and sturdy to last for years to come, the integrated cleaning basket is perfect for keeping your jewelry, glasses, PC boards, razors, watches in place.
  • Convenient Settings-----68-140℉ cleaning temperature recommended for improved cleaning performance, the user-friendly pre-set cleaning time options (1-30 minutes) provide you with convenience.
  • Backup Fuse-----Dual fuse protection to prevent burn-out, turning on/off the cleaner frequently is NOT recommended; in the event of fuse damage, please change one to get the machine back to work.
  • 1-Year Warranty-----Backed by 1-year limited warranty, free exchange if the item is defective. Please bear in mind that lower frequencies lead to better cleaning result, but it comes with louder noises, better used for objects with flat surfaces. Higher frequencies come with lower noises and weaker cavitation effects, great for cleaning smaller objects with small holes, grooves etc. It is recommended to use cleaning machines with higher frequencies (at least over 40kHz)

GemOro UltraSpa Dual Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner and Steamer

The GemOro UltraSpa Dual Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner & Steamer is the worlds only combination jewelry cleaning system using both an ultrasonic & steam cleaner in one appliance for the home or business.

  • Extremely effective cleaner without chemicals
  • Makes jewlery look like new
  • Nice looking machine that doesn't take up too much space
  • Good value and good results
  • Cleaner and steamer both very effective
  • A little messy and leaky
  • Spray spout clogs easily
Key Features
  • The World's Only Ultrasonic/Steamer Combination
  • 50 PSI Steam Pressure/1 Pint Tank Capacity
  • 1 Pint Tank Ultrasonic with 42000 Waves Per Second
  • 1 Year Limited Replacement Warranty
  • Timed 6 Minute Cleaning Cycle
  • 1 year limited replacement warranty.

GemOro 1.5PT Next Gen Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Enhance your jewelry cleaning with the GemOro 1.5PT Next Gen Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner. This professional-strength cleaner gives jewelry extra shine & luster, restoring it to “like new” condition.

  • Great for a shop or at home
  • Comes with a wire basket, vinyl tipped tweezers and a tank cover
  • Plenty powerful and doesn't take up very much space
  • Provides a very clean non-toxic result
  • Directions are clear and easy to use
  • Quite noisy when in use
  • Limited functions available
Key Features
  • Removes tough stains like dirt, grease, buffing compounds, rouge, Tripoli and oxides
  • One pack can be used for 30 days (even if the water appears cloudy or dirty)
  • Non-ammoniated
  • Non-toxic

ROVSUN 3L Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

The ROVSUN Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is designed for cleaning off dirt, dust and smears from surfaces of items such as jewelry, household commodities, glasses, coins, metal parts and much more.

  • Good quality and reliable function
  • Suitable for home or commercial use
  • Adjustable heater and timer knobs
  • Rubber Coated basket handles decrease the shaking noise as well
  • A bit small compared to other models
Key Features
  • 【MULTIPLE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION】FCC, CE and ROHS Approved, secure quality and reliable, perfect for home, lab and commercial use. (Tips: please do not use the machine without water.)
  • 【AMAZING CLEANING PERFORMANCE】 3L capacity tank for professional cleaning, 40KHz strengthened transducer makes the ultrasonic more powerful. Heating function improves cleaning effect for oil and wax. (Tips: Add a tiny amount of washing-up liquid for further effectiveness when needed. And thoroughly cleaning using just ordinary tap water.)
  • 【EASY OPERATING】Mechanical control, simple and convenient operation, knob design panel with timer and heater , for precise wash time and temperature control by turning the round button, more user-friendly and durable. Timer Setting with 0-20 minutes adjustable, heating function with 68-176℉adjustable, so you can choose what kind of effect you want. (Tips: Normally open up to 2 hours maximum.)
  • 【SAFE and RELIABLE QUALITY】 Made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel in One press forming without welding, that ensures good waterproof performance. Isolated-Circuit design ensures safe. A separate power switch and a backup fuse can prevent it from being damaged by an instantaneous over-high voltage accidently.
  • 【NOISE REDUCTION】 Super high quality industrial transducer with strengthen shocks which decrease the noise; And rubber coated basket handle and the Lid decrease the shaking noise as well.

VEVOR Commercial 6L Ultrasonic Jewelery Cleaner

The VEVOR 6L Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is also great for cleaning optical lenses, dental/surgical instruments, tools, coins & more. Can be used with just water or with a solvent for enhanced effect.

  • Drain valve makes solvent changes very easy
  • Very good quality for the price
  • Can be effective when using solvents or just using water
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Leaves jewelry looking shiny and bright
  • Takes long to heat up and doesn't always hold temp setting
  • Makes a loud and piercing sound
Key Features
  • Heater (200 watts) --powerful heater makes the temperature reach the presetting one quickly.
  • 180W ultrasonic power; Time setting: 1 - 30 minutes; Temperature setting: 0-80 degrees Celsius
  • 40 kHz frequency; Ultrasonic cleaner tank capacity: 6L; large tank -- suitable for long equipment and tube.
  • The ultrasonic cleaner solution is perfect for cleaning electronic tool, jewelry, glasses, dental instruments, etc.
  • Stainless steel cleaning basket for cleaning some small objects which need less friction, it can reduce the friction between the small objects and the tank.

Happybuy Ultrasonic 3L Jewelry Cleaner

The Happybuy Ultrasonic cleaner is a microprocessor-controlled device that uses high frequency sound waves to creates an effective cleaning action on the surface of jewelry and other delicate items.

  • Temperature control is good with little overshooting
  • Powerful and cleans anything you put in it
  • Strong heater that heats up relatively quickly
  • Great results for a great price
  • No vibration control setting
  • No mesh basket included
Key Features
  • Tank capacity: 3L;Tank size: 10" x 6" x 8.5";weight: 8.289 LBS
  • Frequency: 40KHz;Ultrasonic Power: 120W;Heating Power: 100W
  • Powerful heater makes the temperature reach the presetting one quickly -- significantly enhance cleaning
  • Moisture-proofed and anti-corrosion PCB, capable for different working environments; Stamping tank without welding gap for waterproof
  • Used to clean many different types of objects, including jewellery, lenses and other optical parts, watches, dental and surgical instruments, tools, coins, fountain pens, golf clubs, fishing reels, window blinds, firearms, musical instruments, industrial parts and electronic equipment.

VEVOR 3L Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Get a professional jewelry cleaner at home with the VEVOR 3L ultrasonic wave. Deeply wash dirt, grime, oil from your valuable's surface. Ideal equipment for the shop, dental office or home.

  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Includes hose and clamp to make draining easier
  • Works well on jewelry and other metals
  • Cleans throroughly and realtively quick
  • Unit is loud and items rattle inside while in use
  • Slow to heat up
Key Features
  • PRODUCT PARAMETERS -- ultrasonic power: 120w; heating power: 100w; capacity 3 liters( Actual capacity:2.8L ); temperature setting range: 20-80 degrees Celsius, time setting range: 1 - 30 minutes
  • LED DIGITAL-- Large digital timer and temperature display for precise wash time and temperature control. Effectively clean a small number of imprinted particles
  • STAINLESS STEEL CLEANING BASKET -- cleans small objects that require less friction, reduces friction between small objects and the water tank, and extends the life of the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
  • EASY TO OPERATE-- After connecting the power supply, simply set the cleaning time and temperature setting time, then press the switch button, the work indicator will light up and start cleaning
  • APPLICATION -- Used to clean dirt, oil and bacteria that are difficult to peel off in metal products. Suitable for cleaning electronic tools, jewelry, glasses, dental equipment, etc. Widely used in services, electronics, pharmaceuticals, machinery, chemicals and many other field

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners Overview

For those who wear it a lot, Jewelry is more than just an accessory. In many cases, a piece of jewelry can represent a relationship, family heirloom, or simply just memories of the past. Not only can they hold a special place for many people, they can often be a significant financial investment as well. Whether your jewelry is a special symbol for you or just a beautiful fashion statement, it is important to maintain your jewelry and keep it looking nice and shiny and as brilliant as the day you bought it.

Wearing your jewelry a lot exposes it to oil, sweat, lotions and other things that can cause it to lose its original shine. You can take it into a jewelry store to get it professionally cleaned but that can be expensive, not to mention cause you anxiety at the notion of handing it over to and leaving it with someone else. You can try polishing it yourself but it's not easy to get into the tiny spaces and achieve the ultimate shine that it had when it was new. So what can you do to get your jewelry looking new again?

The good news is, now you can clean your jewelry yourself in the comfort of your own home, and it's easier than you might think. The invention of the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is a jewelry lover’s new best friend, and the best way to efficiently clean items like rings, necklaces, watches or earrings. As the name suggests, Ultrasonic Cleaners use high frequency ultrasonic sound waves to thoroughly clean your items. This process allows you to clean intricate areas which are not easily accessible and make them sparkle like new.

Gone are the days of using harsh chemicals with strong odors that can be harmful to you and the environment. Ultrasonic cleaners use water-soluble detergents to break up dirt and residue, while also helping to extend the life of your precious items. Add to that the fact that it will save you time and money while also getting them cleaner than ever and you've got the perfect Jewelry cleaning product.

There are many different options out there to choose from however, and some work better than others. It is important to consider things like unit size, power, cleaning solution used, and heat intensity. In order to determine which is best for you, you need to consider what jewelry items you will use it for and how often you will be using it. Of course, as with any purchase, budget is also a major factor to contend with. We have compiled a list of some of the best options out there on the marker in an effort to make your decision a little easier.