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Walk-In Tubs

American Standard

Similar to Kohler, American Standard is a widely used brand with over 140 years of experience in the commercial and residential bath fixture industry. Their product range features faucets and fixtures with unmatched design and quality making American Standard products a popular choice among consumers.

  • American Standard boasts a large product range with over 200 walk-in tub models to suite any size space and budget.
  • RevitaJet™ Whole Body Hydrotherapy System with 44 air and water jets; Targeted back, leg, wrist and foot massaging jets; One-touch control jet system.
  • Exclusive Quick Drain® Water Removal System.
  • An ultra-low threshold and wide door for easy entry and exit and comes with an Ease of Use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.
  • Patented leak-free door system; Outward opening door models available with wider doors designed for easier transfer from a wheelchair.
  • Hand-held shower wand; Premium solid brass fixtures and faucets.
  • Durable grab bars inside the tub and an ADA-compliant chair-height built-in seat; Slip-resistant textured floor surface.
  • Self-cleaning sanitary ozone system; Automatic Water Purging System to ensure lines are clean.
  • Simple touch controls to activate hydrotherapy, Quick Drain®, and more.
  • Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing. American Standard has over 200 walk-in tub models making their full range hard to navigate. Although they have a model for every budget, because walk-in tubs are not covered by Medicare or any other insurance, the out of pocket cost can still be an obstacle for many consumers.
The Bottom Line
  • American Standard really focues on innovative design to improve the quality of life of their consumers by providing an accessible, secure way for people to bathe. In addition to their unique therapeutic features, every American Standard walk-in tub includes safety and functionality benefits to fit the needs of people with limited mobility. Their large range of models makes them ideal for any budget.

Ella's Bubbles

Ella's Bubbles was founded in 2005 and is both a manufacturer and distributor of walk-in tubs and showers. The company prides itself on providing an accessible bathing experience that focuses on comfort, safety and convenience.

  • Dual Drain Technology (DDT) - 2 independently operated gravity driven drains that have their own overlow and stain-less steel cable drain opener. This feature allows for speed, ease and acts as a safety feature when if one of the drains suddenly stops working.
  • Hydro Massage System - Tubs are available with an air pump system that allows the user to change between 3 speed levels. There is also an option to get a digital controller in the dual massage package.
  • Ella Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy - Exfoliate and moisturize your body using a microbubble jet with a high pressure hydro pump that releases billions of tiny bubbles.
  • Various Jet Options - Select from numerous jet options such as therapeutic hydro and air massages, soaking and foot massage jets.
  • Seats - For those who wish to have more space, there is a package available with 2 seats. There is also the option to have a heated seat and back rest.
  • Aromatherapy and Chromatherapy - Use essential oils and lights to enhance your mood and relaxation.
  • Doors - Choose from an inward or outward swinging door that is made of industrial plastic composite and tempered glass. The door can be U, L or S shaped. The door has 2 or 3 latches which allows water to be sealed in and allows for a leak-free experience.
  • Anti-slip Floor - Floor texture that provides additional safety against slipping on the slick surface of a standard tub.
  • Grab Bars - The tub has grab bars that allows for easy and safe entry and exit from the tub.
  • Wheel Chair Accessible - The L shaped door with 2 latches allows for easy transfer from wheelchair to a heated acrylic seat.
  • Hoist and Transfer Option - This option comes with a safety harness, anti-roll bars, battery, battery indicator and a comfortable seat for an easy transfer.
  • When it comes to walk-in tubs, purchasing and installing such a therapeutic item in the home can be costly. A con of purchasing an Ella's tub is that the company does not provide consumers with any rebates, promotions or financing options. Walk-in tubs are not covered by Medicare which can make this a difficult purchasing decision for some consumers.
The Bottom Line
  • Ella's Bubbles has a range of options and features when it comes to their products. Compared to other brands, Ella's Bubbles offers products at comparable prices. For those looking for a spacious bath that allows for accessibility when it comes to wheelchairs, hoists and caregivers then these tubs may be for you.

Walk-In Tub Overview

Walk-in bath tubs are great for individuals with limited mobility and those who wish to remain independent for a longer period of time. These tubs are generally equipped with safety features and therapeutic features that make taking a bath effortless.

Some main features include a low step-in threshold, watertight entrance door, seating, grab bars and non slip floors. Consumers get the convenience of showering independently in addition to spa amenities.

With a walk-in tub, you no longer have to struggle to take a bath. Compare the best options on the market today and be able to bathe in the comfort of your own home.

Does Medicare Cover Walk-In Tubs?

Walk-in tubs are usually not covered by Medicare. Medicare does not consider walk-in baths to fall under the category of “durable medical equipment”. Some items that do fall under that category include wheelchairs, hospital beds, catheters, and even blood glucose monitors.

Under Medicare, a walk-in tub is not covered because it is a piece of equipment that can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they have mobility issues or not.

However, sometimes you may be able to be reimbursed a portion of what you paid by submitting a request. While the request may be denied, it is worth a shot.

Who Can Benefit From a Walk-In Tub?

A walk-in tub is beneficial for anyone with limited mobility and those that want to further prevent injuries. A walk-in tub is easy to access and maneuver which makes it helpful for senior citizens, overweight individuals, those with joint pain, caregivers, individuals with dementia and more.

Can Walk-In Tubs Be Used As Showers?

Some companies may provide you with the option to have a combination of both shower and tub. Get the experience of a spa, with the convenience of having a shower.

Types of Walk-In Tubs

There are many different kinds of walk-in tubs such as a soaker tub, aero therapy tub, hydrotherapy tub, combination tub, wheelchair accessible tub, and bariatric tub.

A soaker tub is a simple model that comes with a seat, anti-slip floors, a door for easy access, steps, and other features. These tubs often include support bars.

Aerotherapy tubs come equipped with all of the features included in a soaker tub, plus they have air jets that aid in water circulation.

Hydrotherapy tubs come equipped with all of the features included in a soaker tub, plus they have water jets. The jets are equipped to allow for relaxing massages.

Combination tubs come equipped with both water jets and air jets. These tubs may also have LED lights and additional features that promote aromatherapy.

Wheelchair accessible tubs come with a door, and a seat that is generally lower than those found in standard tubs. Such a tub is great for individuals with mobility problems.

Bariatric tubs are larger than ordinary tubs and allow for a great amount of space. These tubs are designed for individuals that carry excessive weight.