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Top Bathroom Remodelling Quotes

The Home Pros

If you're looking to upgrade your house with a new bathroom, The Home Pros is a great place to start. Whether your reason for renovating is to increase your property value, lower your monthly utility costs or simply to get more enjoyment out of the most frequently used room in your house, The Home Pros will get you quotes from trusted local quotes - quickly! In fact, it will take you no longer than 60 seconds to answer a short list of questions on their website, giving you access to over 500 prescreened contractors in their network. Be prepared to answer the following questions before clicking the "Get Online Quote" button to the left: (1) Are you the owner of the property? (2) What is your street address? (3) What is the nature of your project? (remodel or new bath install) (4) Select your product needs (ie. countertops) (5) What is your property type (ie. Single family home, condo..etc.) (6) What is your purchase timeframe? (7) Project Status (Ready to hire, planning...etc.) (8) What's the best email address for quotes? (9) First/Last name (10) How is your credit rating? (poor, good, fair, excellent). Lastly, you'll be asked for your phone number and best time to call. After that, you'll get your quotes!

  • The Home Pros does not perform the actual work themselves, relying on their network of contractors.
The Bottom Line
  • The Home Pros can save you hours of time that you would typically spend searching for the right contractor at the right price. If fast and free quotes is what you're looking for, The Home Pros is the right choice for you.

Best Site for Bathroom Remodelling Quotes

According to Houzz’s 2021 Bathroom Trends Study, two out of every five people who renovated a master bathroom the year prior said they did so to make it a space for rest and relaxation. Considering the amount of time we all spend in our bathrooms, it’s not surprising to hear that people want to make the most of this space and even use it as an escape from all that’s happening in the world around us.

Investing in a bathroom remodel is not only a great way to add value to your home but it can expand your living space and give you peace of mind.

From spa-like surfaces to Biophilia and greenery, wet-rooms and self-care stations, the options are endless. Keeping up with the latest trends and knowing how to execute your vision is a task best left to a professional bathroom remodel contractor.

Finding a reputable contractor near you that offers competitive pricing is step number one. That’s where The Home Pro’s comes into play. With access to a network of 500+ industry leading contractors, they are the perfect starting point for anyone looking to upgrade their home with a new bathroom. They’ll provide you with quotes from only trusted local pros in your area and it will only take about 60 seconds of your time.

For further details about The Home Pros, check out our summary above.

Do You Need a Bathroom Makeover?

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your household and overtime will incur general damages that can become expensive to fix if neglected for too long. Mold and mildew around the shower door, cracked tiles and grout, leaky faucets and running toilets are just a few things that can lead to costly renovations down the line, let alone drive up water bills.

Perhaps the most important factor in maintaining a sanitary and visually appealing bathroom is proper ventilation. If your bathroom is not properly ventilated, you should deal with this ASAP. Not doing so could lead to foul odours and mildew build-up that will get progressively worse over time.

Though “style” is subjective, walking into a bathroom that is obviously outdated can be painfully obvious and is often one of the first things that new home shoppers notice. Keeping up with the latest trends by making subtle changes to your bathroom space regularly can save you from having to do a major overhaul later down the road. Often, modernizing your decor will allow you to avoid remodelling your entire bathroom.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. A fresh coat of paint, updating your vanity or changing your lighting fixtures can each elevate your bathroom space!

If you find that your bathroom feels cramped or lacks storage space, this may be another reason to consider a bathroom remodel. Looking great is only half the battle! Your bathroom should be functional. Having proper storage means more counter space and less clutter, which ultimately leads to a bathroom that feels more open and spacious.

Lastly, sometimes updating your decor or improving storage space will not be enough to give your bathroom the makeover it needs. If your bathroom is simply too small and feels cramped, no amount of subtle improvements will change that and it may be time to consider a full bathroom remodel.