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Foot Massagers

Naipo Foot and Calf Massager

Combined with modern technology & traditional massaging skills, Naipo Foot & Calf massager is specifically designed to give a comfortable massage while soothing muscle stiffness & eliminating fatigue.

  • Gives an excellent, firm, kneading massage for the feet
  • Excellent quality and design
  • Works great, one size fits
  • Set up is easy and no assembly required
  • Also has heat therapy as well
  • Doesn't really get much of the calf on taller people
  • Limited portability
Key Features
  • 【Two-in-one Foot Massager】This machine is not only a foot massager but also a foot and calf massager, easy to manipulate with 2 correspondingly activated touch panels. The unique calf massage can help you alleviate leg discomfort caused by standing or sitting for a long time, exercise and work, relieve stress and relax the calf.
  • 【Multifunctional Foot Calf Massage】 Shiatsu kneading rolling massage on forefeet and soles, air compression with heat therapy surrounding the feet, tapping on the heels, all of these functions are combined together to provide you an immersive relaxing and professional foot massage. The kneading massage balls are electric, and you don't need to move your feet to enjoy the massage.
  • 【Unique Calf Air Compression Therapy】When unfolded, choose "LEGS" mode to enjoy combined foot kneading tapping massage plus foot & calf part compression massage; If choose "SCRAPING" mode, only foot part kneading tapping and air compression massage will be activated. There are three kinds of intensities adjustment for airbag massage, the default is in purple, the medium intensity, pink is the highest intensity, and blue is the weakest intensity.
  • 【Fashionable and Practical Massage】 The leg massager is modern and fashionable with a "X" pattern. Removable covers ensure easy care and hygienic use; Get yourself or your loved ones with this unique massager and enjoy the luxury therapist-mimicking foot and calf massage at home.
  • 【Excellent After-sales Service】Customers can return this product within 30 days of receipt without reason, and we offer a 24-month guarantee for quality-related issues. You are welcomed to contact our customer service at any time via amazon or the official email. Our products are compatible with 110-240V, which can be used all around the world. You can take them to any country without the trouble of carrying conversion plugs.

Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Massager

Experience instant relief and welcome a healthier body with the Reflex Sol foot and calf Massager from Human Touch! Engineered from heavy-duty materials, this Massager is perfect after a long day.

  • Multiple massage and vibration settings
  • Great massage on feet and calves
  • Great value for the price
  • Also provides a soothing heat
  • Sleeve is removable for easy cleaning
  • Calf massager could be higher
  • Unit is big and heavy
Key Features
  • Reflexology massager - delivers a powerful reflexology massage that Brings the body back into its natural state to help promote the body's natural healing. It works by forcing blood Back towards the heart for improved circulation.
  • Targeted relief - offers improved circulation, quick recovery for stressed feet, and rejuvenated muscles after long periods of standing. Delivers Deeply-penetrating vibrating foot massage for optimized relaxation, resulting in instant pain relief.
  • Patented technology - engineered with CirQulation Figure-Eight technology that works by circulating the blood from the feet toward the core of the body. Allows fresh nutrients to re-enter the calves and feet for increased comfort.
  • Adjustable intensity - reinforced with a completely adjustable two intensity setting that helps you find the perfect massage pressure for your needs. Features under-foot massage rollers, providing relief to the sole and heel.
  • Base options - reinforced with an adjustable tilt base that allows you to choose from two options for your perfect massage angle. Also built with removable easy sleeves for quick cleaning, so you can keep the massager hygienic.
  • Relaxation & Stress Relief – Perfect for unwinding after a stressful day, bring the massage to you or gift stress relief to family and friends

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Relieve aches and pains like a pro with the Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager. Get home-based physical therapy that stimulates muscle recovery while improving circulation and soothing foot pain.

  • Heavy duty unit that is built well
  • Subtle warming feature
  • Plenty of massaging strength fo feet and calves
  • Not to loud
  • Tilt bar makes it comfortable in a number of positions
  • Big and heavy
  • Foot cuffs are too close together for larger people
Key Features
  • ADJUSTABLE COMFORT: This electric foot massager provides a deep kneading shiatsu massage at the optimum comfort angle with an easily adjustable bar
  • DUAL MASSAGE: Features multiple settings for heat, air compression pressure and vibration for pain relief to your feet, legs, calves, toes and ankles
  • PORTABLE GIFT: Foot / Calf area is 5" wide and open-toed 11" long with air pressure cuffs deflated -fitting most foot sizes for men and women!
  • WARNING: We encourage you to use the lowest setting initially. Most afflictions will feel slight soreness after an initial massage after the first few uses which is normal and is how you know it is working
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We stand by our product 100%! If you have any problems or are not satisfied with your order, we will provide a replacement or a full refund!

TISSCARE Foot and Calf Massager

The TISSCARE Massager is a new electric shiatsu massager with heat that is designed to massage your feet and calf all at the same time. This massager stimulates blood circulation and warms muscles.

  • Foot massage, vibration and heat are all very soothing
  • Does a great job on working deep tissue
  • Adjustable levels of pressure to suit anyone
  • Easy to use and easy controls
  • Auto-shut off function after 15 mins
  • Not adjustable for larger sized calfs and feet
  • Big and bulky
Key Features
  • Foot and Calf Massager Functions – An entirely new electric shiatsu foot massager with heat specifically designed to massage your feet and calves all at the same time.It offers multiple massages like deep kneading massage, relaxation vibration massage, rolling massage and calf leg massage to maximize relief your muscles pain.
  • Foot Massager Modes - Kneading, Vibrating, Rolling, Heating programs.4 parts of kneading discs in one appliance to massage your foot,calf,leg.Flexible kneading discs create a professional massage experience.The synergetic combination of kneading and vibratory actions gives you a most relaxing and revitalizing massage experience,while achieving a beneficial reflexology and beautifying effect.
  • Heating Function - Soothing heat therapy melts away fatigue.Maximum temperature of 112 ℉ ensure safe use, but not hot. It takes about 3-5 minutes to get warm.In winter,it may feel more obvious.In summers you may not even feel the heat because the temperature difference outside and inside the product is almost same.
  • Vibration Function - The synergetic combination of kneading, vibration & heating actions generates most relaxing experience, helps in relieving muscle tension and aids better blood circulation & relaxes.
  • Warm Notice - FDA has been registered, you can use it safely. This foot massager is equipped with 15-minute auto shut-off function to ensure safe and hassle-free massage experience.It maybe unconformable when diameter of you calf over 4".The product is suitable for feet up to men foot size 10.8. Please kindly be aware of this before your purchase.Any questions in using, contact selller first for best solution.

Miko MAS II Foot, Ankle, and Calf Massager

The Miko MAS II is your solution for a customized foot, ankle or calf massage. Calibrate your ideal heat, pressure, and vibration settings to relax muscles and improve circulation.

  • Gives a powerful massage
  • Great foot messager in its price range
  • Comes with handy remote to adjust settings
  • Looks good and you can remove and wash the inserts
  • Heat function is nice
  • Quite heavy
  • Machine is open-toed so does not massage your toes
Key Features
  • FOOT, CALF, LEG, ANKLE, AND HEEL MASSAGER: This electric foot massager is equipped with 4 air pressure pads, 5 adjustable pressure settings, 3 massage modes, vibration, deep-kneading function, & strong heat for a relaxing and invigorating home massage.
  • SHIATSU ROLLING MASSAGE: For recovery, relaxation, & treatment - perfect for plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, poor circulation, diabetes, muscle tension, chronic pain relief etc. Recommended Use: 15 minutes a day at Pressure level 1 to start. Default is set to pressure level 3.
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN FEATURES: Leather accents, removable washable nylon foot pads, wireless magnetic remote, strong heat, aesthetically pleasing design.
  • WARNING: We encourage starting at the lowest setting initially. Most will feel slight soreness after an initial massage after the first few uses which is normal and is how you know it is working
  • GUARANTEED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. If you are not fully satisfied, simply return the MAS foot massager for a full refund or replacement

Expansion Wellness Shiatsu Heated Foot and Calf Massager

The Expansion Wellness Shiatsu Massager for your feet. Relax, Relieve, Revive. Easy to use, Low Noise, Durable, and Timer Controlled, this multipurpose massage machine features 3 massage modes.

  • Good quality and good price
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Multiple levels to fit everyones needs
  • Can set it to do just feet or legs or both
  • Heat is a nice feature and the shock setting is nice
  • Hard to feel the heat
  • Not the best for people with short legs
Key Features
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: We have created this foot and calf massager with a user-friendly design. Our leg massager comes with a removable and washable cover that allows for cleaning to maintain good hygiene. It is painted with high-quality piano paint and features humanized handle design, making it easy to move from one place to another.
  • MULTIPLE MASSAGE FUNCTIONS: Our shiatsu massager is specifically designed to massage your calves, ankles, soles and feet at the same time. This foot massager offers multiple massages like plantar scraping, instep kneading, calf kneading and calf scraping.
  • HEATING SYSTEM: To promote optimal foot health, we have designed this foot and calf massager with heating and negative ion function. The heating function will give you a slight warm feeling near your toes and helps to relieve aching feet after a long day.
  • LCD TOUCH DISPLAY: Our leg massager comes with easy to use LCD control panel. This shiatsu foot massager is equipped with three massage modes, heating levels and vibration levels. You can set the time and mode according to your preference and enjoy a soothing massage.
  • RELAX AND REJUVENATE YOUR BODY: This foot therapy massager helps to unwind and soothe your body. It helps to stimulate blood circulation, ease tension, reduce stress, relieve sore and tired feet and tone your legs beautifully.

truShiatsu PRO Foot Massager Machine

truShiatsuPRO’s advanced Shiatsu massage technology targets specific acupressure points in your feet to help alleviate soreness, relieve stress, and promote overall wellness from your own home.

  • Comfortable on your feet
  • Provides a deep foot massage
  • Relaxes and relieves the pain of aching feet
  • Has many settings to control the pressure
  • Good quality, sturdy construction
  • Heat doesn't get hot enough
  • Only fits up to a size 10 foot
Key Features
  • SPA QUALITY SHIATSU MASSAGE: Target specific acupressure points in your feet with a patented combination of kneading rollers, heat, and air compression delivering a massage experience so lifelike you’ll think it’s magic.
  • REFLEXOLOGY ROLLERS: Utilizes rollers and airbag compression to target specific reflexology pressure points to provide complete stress and soreness-relief so lifelike you won’t believe it’s not real hands.
  • SOOTHING HEAT FUNCTIONALITY: Relieve your tired, aching feet with by activating the electric infrared heat function for a deeper more soothing massage that will reduce muscle soreness, pain and tension.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: Enjoy a professional Shiatsu foot massage anyway you like with 3 different time settings, 3 different intensities, and optional heat functionality.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The truShiatsu Pro foot massage machine is ergonomically designed to complement the structure of the human foot for the maximum comfort, relaxation and pain relief you so desperately deserve.

Power Legs Vibration Plate Foot Massager Platform

The breakthrough lightweight, easy to use, easy to store, Power Legs foot massage system with 3 preset program modes makes it easy to soothe, tone and revitalize your achy feet and legs anytime.

  • Easy to use and no assembly needed
  • Great for tired and aching legs
  • Quieter than others like it
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great to rest my feet on at the end of the day
  • Remote has limited range
  • Chord is too short
Key Features
  • VIBRATION FOOT MASSAGER MACHINE: with Adjustable Speed: Includes feet massager unit, wireless remote control, silicone pads, easy to read program display, time control, varying speed / intensity levels.
  • FOOT MASSAGER WITH RELAXING AND REFRESHING ACUPRESSURE: Proprietary acupressure heads are perfectly aligned with the soles of your feet, emitting oscillation vibrations at the right pressure points for a refreshing massage to help recharge and re-energize your legs and feet.
  • A SOOTHING FOOT MASSAGE: for Your Feet: Designed to help soothe tired, achy, sore, tender feelings in your legs, calves, and feet, the Power Fit foot massager machine is the breakthrough vibration and acupressure system that can help sooth, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate your legs, feet, and overall energy level.
  • HELPS SUPPORT CIRCULATION: Helps tone muscles, soothe temporary discomfort, reduce stress, re-energize, improve your overall health, and promote relaxation.
  • 10 Massage Levels: Choose the setting you prefer to adjust massage pressure intensity depending on the area: calf massage, leg massage, hamstring massage, quad massage, lower back massage. Ideal for providing relief from Morton’s neuroma.

Sylphim Foot Massager

With variable speeds up to 4,000 RPM, the upgraded Sylphim foot massager has a speed setting for everyone’s foot sensitivity. It has helped thousands of patients regain mobility and ease foot pain.

  • Good range of vibration levels
  • Quiet and operates well
  • Structurally solid and looks nice
  • Plenty big enough for larger feet
  • Good intensity and simple to operate
  • Only vibrates instead of oscillating
  • Remote is unreliable
Key Features
  • 【PROFESSIONAL DESIGN:】Designed by a professional physical therapist to deliver the most effective therapeutic massage available. Made of the durable and sturdy construction, it will allow you to use the foot massager for a very long time. The Open Design - allows you to rest your feet comfortably on the massager’s deck for maximum pain relief, increases the circulation and blood flow, and improves relaxation and wellness from head to toe.
  • 【30 SPEEDS SETTINGS】Made of the heavy-duty metal frame to stably produce continuous electricity. The full-sized oscillating Foot Pad with Arch-Bar and a pressure point targeting surface. Penetrates hi-energy into your deep tissue. It uses 30 different intensity settings to massage your feet and calves. Allow you to select a different intensity setting depending on your moods and needs to produce a suitable oscillating action that penetrates the muscle layers increasing foot and calf circulation.
  • 【Dual-USE FOR REMOTE CONTROL】The Foot Massagers produce a thorough massage for the soles of your feet, which is capable of doing just that work your ankles and your calves. The foot massager can be controlled through remote controls, it might be better for people who experience difficulties with bending over and straightening, such as the elderly or those who suffer from chronic diseases.
  • 【MUTE STABLE AND PORTABILITY】Foot Massager is very stable, which will keep your feet comfortable even if you place them on shiny floor surfaces. The model is silent, so you won’t interfere with your usual activities or attract unwanted attention if you’re using them around other people. The foot massager is lightweight enough to carry comfortably. It is perfect to use at home and in your office! It is very easy to fit in a bag and carry it anywhere if you want to leave the house.
  • 【BUY WITH SATISFACTION GIFT】To relax your stiffness muscles and increases blood circulation. Not Only Massage also helps the treatment of pain - Just like "family-doctor "caring for your foot and body by reducing swollen feet and fatigue. Use it for 15 minutes daily & feel the benefits yourself! Christmas gift for you!

Giantex Shiatsu Foot Calf Leg Massager

Get the Giantex foot massager with heating to relax your tired feet & enjoy a foot massage anywhere, anytime. This is our brand new, high quality massager that will help relieve tension in your feet.

  • Provides a nice, relaxing massage
  • Foot area is quite large for larger people
  • Massages feet and calfs simultaneously
  • Nice quality, sturdy, and heavy duty
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Device is quite large and bulky
  • Heating is only located in the front of the foot area
Key Features
  • 【Multifunction】Shiatsu, Kneading, Vibration, Rolling, And Heating. Fits up to: US Men's Size 14, US Women's Size 16.5
  • 【Design】The ergonomicaly design is adopted to replicate ancient massage and to target the sensitive area of the calves and soles of the feet.
  • 【Feature】Foot massage and calf massage can work separately or simultaneously.
  • 【Speciality】3 custom modes of foot massage, 3 intensities of calf massage and 3 levels of heating.
  • 【360 Degree Massage】8 massage discs for feet and 4 discs for calves providing 360 degree massage.

Foot Massagers Overview

Feet are the foundation of our bodies, yet many of us take them for granted. We find ourselves focusing on and caring for other parts of our bodies but neglecting the feet for some reason. We like to get our backs and shoulders massaged but, aside from trying to gain bonus points from our significant others by giving a nice foot massage, how often are we caring for our feet?

For centuries, many therapists have sworn by the connection between your overall well-being, and your feet. This practice is now known as Reflexology, or also known as Shiatsu. The idea is that certain pressure points on your feet are directly linked to areas of tension in the rest of your body. When those nerves are stimulated, they send a signal to your central nervous system, to help your body heal and relax. A proper foot massage can release tension, heal aches and pains, and restore better circulation and flow to your body.

So whether you're on your feet all day at work or just a generally active person, chances are your feet could use some relief. Problem is, it's not an easy task to massage your own feet, and good luck trying to find a loved one or friend to touch them. The reality is you'll likely have to pay someone to do it for you. Not anymore.

Thankfully the emergence of the electric foot massager has changed the game and no longer do you actually need a pair of hands to do the job. As technology has developed, so has the quality of foot massagers. There was a time when a machine could not replicate what the hands could do but that is no longer the case. While some are better than others, a quality foot massager can accomplish everything your feet could need. Most electric foot massagers heat up, have multiple massage nodes, and mimic the shiatsu technique to help relax and soothe your feet so you can stay active without the pain.

As with most products, there are countless options on the market to choose from. The prices vary, as do the quality and features of each. Determining which is best for you depends on what you're looking to get out of it. Some prefer portability, while others want all the bells and whistles in the comfort of their own home. There is one that’s just right for you and we hope to help you find it. We have compiled a list of some of the best to help with your decision.