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Top Credit Help

Dispute Service

Dispute Service focuses on connecting people that have credit issues with service providers who can help. Through their trusted partners, Dispute Service can assist you in the process of disputing all three bureaus on your behalf.

  • Website clearly outlines steps for disputing negative items on your own behalf
  • Service overview and pricing are provided for those who don't want to handle the process themselves.
  • Partnered with trusted credit companies to offer free initial consultations
  • Partners have years of experience disputing items on behalf of their clients.
  • Website answers commonly asked questions and provides sample dispute letters provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Dispute Service is not the actual provider of services. They connect you to one of their trusted partners.
The Bottom Line
  • The Dispute Service website offers great content that can help those who want to handle disputes on their own or those who prefer to save time by having a professional handle the process for them. They have established close relationships with industry leading credit companies to provide free consultations.

Lexington Law

As their name suggests, Lexington Law is a law firm. They have sent out over 221 million challenges & disputes on behalf of their clients since 2004 and are a trusted leader in credit repair. They pride themselves on fighting for every consumer’s right to an accurate, fair and substantiated credit report. They leverage their credit knowledge, technology and lawyer-driven process for their clients.

  • Uses digital partnerships to decrease reliance on mail system & optimize for faster outcomes
  • Experienced industry leader for nearly 20 years
  • Employ experienced lawyers and paralegals who work to protect consumers’ credit rights and ensure that they have fair and accurate credit reports.
  • In 2020, their clients saw over 7 million negative items removed from their credit reports
  • They cannot negotiate your debt for you
The Bottom Line
  • Lexington Law is one of the most recognizable names in credit repair. They employ a legal staff of attorneys and paralegals, which they leverage throughout the credit repair process.

Continental Credit

Continental Credit will walk you through a complete analysis of your credit situation and help you understand the best course of action. They can help you understand the inner workings of your situation and what needs to take place to improve it.

  • Personal approach to service
  • No Contracts
  • Teaches customers the credit landscape to protect them from future credit problems
  • Offers free comprehensive credit analysis
The Bottom Line
  • If you prefer a more personal approach to your credit repair experience and strive to truly understand the credit landscape, Continental Credit could be a good fit for you.

Like it or not, your credit score will effect many aspects of your life. So when negative items find their way onto your credit report, you need to take action. But how will you know the correct action to take? Luckily, there are companies out there that focus on guiding those in need through the process of improving their credit situation.