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Top Pet Insurance

Pet First Pet Insurance

Co-founders Brent Hinton and Lansdon Robbins started PetFirst in hopes to achieve their dreams of making veterinary care decisions simple for pet owners. Brent knew he had to bring this idea to fruition after he had to put his dog down in 2003. The company was founded in 2004 and has been providing pet owners with insurance options for more than 15 years. With PetFirst, simply take your pet to any licensed vet, emergency clinic or specialist in the US. Luckily, customers do not need to worry about going through a network of providers. Pet owners can then pay their bill at the vet and set a claim to PetFirst. Within 2 weeks, any claims are processed. PetFirst does not only seek to add financial value through its products, but emotional value as well. PetFirst adds value in the community by hosting adoption events on a yearly basis. Through adoption events, PetFirst is able to connect pets with owners across the country. Not to mention, the company has shelter partners across the United States. Along with these partners, PetFirst helps rescue pets and keeps them happy and healthy.

  • Do not need to have a vet exam to enrol in plans
  • Accident coverage starts one day after enrolling in a plan
  • BBB accredited with A+ rating
  • 5% discount for enrolling in 2 policies
  • 10% discount for 3+ policies
  • Claims pay within 10 to 14 days
  • No lifetime limits
  • Pets can be enrolled in plans regardless of the pet’s age
  • Covers accidents, hereditary illnesses, diagnostic tests, chronic illnesses, surgeries, emergency care, holistic care, ultrasounds, x-rays, medications and hospitalization
  • After 12 months, pets are covered for Invertebrate Disc Disease (IVDD), Anterior Cruciate Ligaments, Medical Cruciate, Posterior Cruciate Ligaments, and Cranial Cruciate Ligaments
  • 14 day waiting period for illnesses
  • 6 month waiting period for CCL surgery
  • Non-routine dental not covered
  • Pet will not be covered outside of the United States
  • Does not cover pre-existing conditions
  • Does not cover routine wellness and preventative care
  • Annual deductible is not available in all states
The Bottom Line
  • After being founded almost fifteen years ago, PetFirst has made significant strides in the industry. The company does not only seek to financially help pet parents but also looks out for the welfare of dogs and cats. PetFirst offers plans for all pets regardless of age or breed. The convenience of not having to go to a vet within a network is also a positive aspect. However, with PetFirst the annual deductible is not available in every state.

Go Pet Plan

Go Petplan offers pet owners with the most comprehensive coverage available. Founded in 2003, Petplan was founded by the Ashtons who were husband and wife. The company has a staff of over 200 and is passionate about providing pet insurance for Americans across the United States. For over 15 years, Petplan has strived to be an industry leader and has become the preferred provider of pet insurance for the American Animal Hospital Association and AARP members. The company takes its philanthropic initiatives seriously. Through the Petplan Charitable Fund, Petplan promotes the health and welfare of animals across America. Petplan also provides funds for projects that support non-invasive reasearch on life-saving treatments and rehoming charities. Moreover, Petplan is partnered with Capital Blue Cross, North Shore Animal League America, AARP, and the National Police Dog Foundation.

  • Covers pets of all ages
  • Covers curable pre-existing conditions
  • Pet owners can visit outside of the network
  • Discount for purchasing insurance plan online
  • Covers advertisements of lost pets, cancelled vacation due to an ill pet, losing a pet and more
  • BBB accredited with A+ rating
  • Claims paid within short period of 5-7 days
  • Covers exam fee for sick visits
  • 24/7 support
  • Covers chronic and hereditary conditions
  • Covers holistic therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic care and homeopathic therapy
  • Discounts for animal shelters, humane societies, corporate group benefit plan,medical services, strategic partners, veterans, military personnel, veterinary clinic staff and students
  • Comprehensive dental coverage that takes care of dental injury and disease
  • Claims to be submitted within 90 days after treatment through the mobile app, fax, email or mail
  • Coverage available in United States and Canada
  • Previously covered conditions can become pre-existing conditions at time of renewal
  • There is no discount for signing up with multiple pets
  • In order for the coverage to apply, dogs must attend annual health and dental appointments
The Bottom Line
  • Go Petplan strives to provide pet owners with the most comprehensive coverage and has become an industry leader. One area in which Petplan excels against its competitors is that it provides coverage to pets of all ages. While Petplan enforces the rule where previously covered conditions can become pre-existing at the time of renewal, the short period of time in which the company pays its claims is comparably quick. If you're looking for a plan that covers exam fees, Petplan can give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance provides pet owners with comprehensive insurance for dogs and cats across the United States. The company covers over 175,000 pets from kittens, puppies to senior dogs and cats. In 2018, Embrace Pet Insurance had over $47 million in claims paid. Creating a personalized insurance plan is top of mind when it comes to your pet. Embrace Pet Insurance provides coverage for accidents and illnesses, and offers optional coverage for routine care through their Wellness Rewards plan. The company is also apart of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) where it is able to share information, supports animal welfare organizations and cooperates with regulators. NAPHIA is the main association that governs the growing pet industry. Embrace Pet Insurance has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company strives to make a difference in the community by donating $2 per policy to pet charities.

  • No lifetime limit which means that you will not reach coverage limits in the middle of your pet's life span
  • BBB accredited with A+ rating
  • Offers Wellness Rewards for routine care including grooming, training and more
  • Claims paid within short period of time of 5-15 days
  • If you insure multiple pets, you can receive a discount of up to 10%
  • Curable conditions policy covers curable conditions that have been symptom and treatment free for a year
  • 30 day free look period which is similar to a money back guarantee
  • 24/7 PawSupport Pet Health Line for pet owners to speak to a pet professional through chat, video or phone
  • Discounts for military personnel, veterinary staff and a USAA discount
  • Upper age limits are in place that do not allow pets over the age of 14 to enroll
  • Bilateral injury policy states that if one leg or arm is injured, the other is now considered a pre-existing condition
  • Enrollment fee of $25
  • Pets travelling outside of the United States are not covered
  • If you want the unlimite claim option in your plan, you must call in to make that change
  • Do not cover pre-existing conditions
  • Waiting period of 14 days for illnesses and 2 days for accident
The Bottom Line
  • Embrace Pet Insurance provides services to over 100, 000 pets across the United States. The organization prides itself on creating custom insurance plans for its consumers. While Embrace Pet Insurance has 24/7 customer support and a Wellness Rewards program, the waiting periods can be restrictive. However, thanks to the company's customizable options you can find a plan that is most suitable for your pet.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Founded in 2009, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation is more than just an insurer. In addition to helping countless pets get the medical care they deserve, they also started a non-profit foundation which supports hundreds of animal shelters and pet rescue organizations care for sick homeless pets and find homes for them. Healthy Paws provides their coverage through two of the highest regarded home insurance programs, Aon and Ace Chubb, and have been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their insurance policies for cats and dogs can cover accidents, illnesses, chronic conditions, emergency care, as well as alternative treatments but their best feature is that they do not place caps on reimbursements. Once you pay your deductible, there is no limit on the amount your policy can reimburse you either monthly, annually, or per incident. Healthy Paws also created the first pet insurance iPhone app allowing them to do away with claim forms entirely. All of these factors are the reason why Healthy Paws have been rated the best pet insurance company every year since 2017 by leading review sites.

  • No limits or caps on claim payouts
  • Covers up to 90% of the bill for covered expenses
  • No claim forms and everything can be done through mobile app, online, or via email, fax
  • Coverage includes accidents, illnesses, surgeries, prescription medications, hospital stays, and emergency care, among other expenses.
  • Claim payments are processed within 2 days
  • Pets can be treated by any licensed veterinarian and be covered
  • Monthly costs start at just $25 for dogs and $15 for cats
  • Does not offer overall wellness coverage like vaccines and vet exams
  • Limited coverage for animals over six years old with hip dysplasia
  • Coverage deductibles and co-pay amounts are limited as pets get older
  • No coverage available for animals other than dogs and cats
The Bottom Line
  • Healthy Paws is the only Pet Insurance company that offers no limits on any plan, including no per-incident, annual, or lifetime caps on payouts. Their policies are affordable and filing a claim is quick and easy. While they do not offer a Welness program they do cover accidents, illnesses, chronic conditions, emergency care, and alternative treatments. If you're looking for an unlimited plan, Healthy Paws is the company for you.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is a non-profit organization with over a million members who believe that all animals are entitled to receive the treatment and care they deserve. Founded in New York City in 1866 as the first humane society established in North America, they began to expand their programs to include spay/neuter clinics, adoption centers and eventually Pet Insurance plans. While they are not an actual insurer, their policies are provided by C&F Insurance agency, a trusted insurer in the U.S. since the 1990’s. Their coverage only applies to dogs and cats but they offer multiple pet discounts and allow you to list all of them under one policy to save you money and time. Their complete plan covers accidents and illnesses and even behavioral health issues. It does not cover routine wellness visits, though you could add a wellness plan for an extra fee if needed. The ASPCA lets customers customize their pet’s plan based on the percentage they are reimbursed for costs, their annual deductible, and their annual limit. All these factors will impact how much you pay monthly as well.

  • Save 10% for each additional pet you enroll
  • Multiple pets covered under one policy
  • Money back guarantee for 30 days if no claims are processed
  • Reimbursements process quickly
  • Direct deposit available for faster payments
  • Covers treatment from any certified vet
  • Customers can customize policies
  • All certified vets are covered
  • No extra charges for out-of-state vet visits
  • Can file claims online or via mobile app
  • Do not insure any other animals besides cats and dogs
  • Do not cover pre-existing conditions
  • Wellness coverage is extra
The Bottom Line
  • The thing that seperates the ASPCA's pet insurance program from the others is their 10% multiple pet discount which covers all of your pets under one policy. This provides greater ease and savings and makes them a great choice for all families with multiple pets. Further to that, they allow customers to customize their plan based on percentage of cost reimbursement, deductible, and annual limit to help them get the coverage they need for an affordable price.

Figo Pet Insurance

Being a relatively new player in the Pet Insurance game, Figo has quickly become one of the top insurers in the U.S. Founded in 2012, their objective was to bring an innovative and technological focus to Pet Insurance while getting more pets covered across the country. With a B+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, Figo has quickly become one of the leaders in Pet Insurance. Their rapid rise can be attributed to 2 main factors, their easy online/mobile access and their robust coverage. Figo offers 3 main plans and is one of the only insurers offering a 100% reimbursement option. The more coverage you choose the higher the premium but their plans are affordable in relation to their peers. They also cover congenital conditions such as hip dysplasia and their claims are processed quickly and easily. Technology is another strength of Figo offering an AI claims assistant, 24/7 live chat with a vet, and their Pet Cloud app. The app provides round-the-clock virtual access to a live vet and gives you the ability to chat with other Pet owners in your area. Figo's modern approach to Pet Insurance makes them a good option for any pet owner.

  • No wellness option available
  • Does not cover preexisting conditions, routine or preventative care, spaying/neutering, experimental or cosmetic procedures
  • No option for in-person help
  • No option to fill out paper forms
The Bottom Line
  • Figo Pet Insurance gives you the comfort in knowing that up to 100% of your vet bills may be reimbursed, no matter the situation or cost. Their full reimbursement option along with their innovative and robust 24/7 online presence allow you to make care-based decisions instead of cost-based decisions when choosing Insurance for your favorite pet. Figo is the ideal option for the tech-savvy pet owner.

Progressive Pet Insurance

Progressive is among the most well-known Insurance providers in the U.S., but most commonly for their home and auto insurance. The company dates back to 1937 when they entered into the auto insurance space with the intention of protecting drivers from the increasing costs associated with car accidents. They eventually entered into other lines of insurance and now offer coverage in dozens of areas. One of those areas is Pet Insurance which is an ever-growing line of insurance that more and more pet owners are taking advantage of. Progressive Pet Insurance is administered through Pets Best and insures cats and dogs over the age seven weeks old. They offer 3 main plans, an accident-only plan, accident & illness plan and a wellness plan. The coverage you get depends on which plan you choose and typically reimburse anywhere from 70%-90% of your expenses. Their coverage is rather unique in the industry, providing budget-friendly protection with all of the options that you could need. Progressive offers a 5% multipet discount making them a good option for owners with numerous pets in the family.

The Bottom Line
  • Unlike many pet insurers that only offer 2 insurance plans, one for medical and one for wellness, Progressive provides 3. No matter your budget, there is a plan that meets your needs. As they offer insurance in a wide range of areas, Progressive allows you to bundle your insurance into one payment for convenience and ease. Also, a good option for families with more than one pet in the family.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide is the largest pet insurer in the U.S. insuring more than 780,000 pets across the country. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they offer a long list of benefits and plans to choose from. Not only do they offer the most extensive catalogue of coverage options for cats and dogs, but they are also the only Pet Insurance provider that offers coverage for exotic pets and birds. They offer 3 basic coverage packages starting at $35/month and increasing from there and these plans can be set up online, via mobile app, or over the phone with an agent. The budget-friendly package offers basic medical coverage for illness, accidents, surgeries and prescriptions while the Wellness package includes vaccines, flea and heartworm prevention and general wellness check-ups. The higher quality package offers a hybrid of the 2 plans and offers the most coverage for your pet, but it does cost more. Additional plans for exotic pets and birds are also available but can only be arranged over the phone with an agent. Overall, they are known for their quick processing of claims and reimbursements and for offering multi-pet discounts with reasonable rates. Nationwide prides itself on offering the broadest coverage available anywhere.

The Bottom Line
  • There is a reason why Nationwide Pet Insurance is the largest insurer in the U.S. They offer a range of flexible plans for medical coverage, wellness coverage, or both at reasonable rates with all the protection you need. Combine that with the fact that they are the only insurer to offer protection for birds and exotic pets, and you have one of the best options ut there for your pet insurance needs.

Pet Insurance Overview

Pets are loveable family members, so it’s no surprise that their healthcare and quality of life is extremely important to their owners. Unfortunately, many pet owners learn the hard way that veterinary medicine can be expensive. Purchasing pet insurance is often a very affordable way to avoid being caught off guard with costly veterinary bills. It pays (partially or in full) for veterinary treatments of ill or injured pet. Some policies will also pay out when the pet dies, or if the pet is lost or stolen.